Flashback Friday: Virginia Wine Country

We spend so much time planning for the trips that we’re going to take—thinking about our bucket-list destinations, fantasizing about how much more beautiful the far-off place will be—that we sometimes forget that beautiful experiences are right here, all around us. I was lucky enough to be reminded of this on a recent impromptu day trip with some girlfriends to Virginia Wine Country.

Before I went to Napa Valley I used to think that it was the end-all in terms of the wine country experience. Now that I’ve experienced Napa several times I can confirm that although it’s quite lovely (and I would highly recommend it) the wine country experience in Virginia is just as breathtaking. The weather was absolutely perfect, the rolling vineyards against the backdrop of the open blue sky made me feel like I was in God’s country, and the fact that I was experiencing the day with my girlfriends made the wine taste even sweeter.




Much love,

Happy Friday