The Sweetness of Time

Having a blog that I’ve maintained (off and on) for the past four years is like having a time capsule that I can periodically visit to see just how far my friends and I have come.

Today I’m marveling at the fact that in February my niece, Madilynn Audrey Greene, will celebrate her first birthday.  Although we may not be connected by blood the ties that bind us are deep, forever ties, as I’ve loved her mom, Dana, for quite some time.  I looked back through my blog posts to find entries that conveyed the good times that Dana and I have had and found stories of our ladies nights, Dana’s bachelorette party, and the day of Dana’s wedding.

A blog I wrote on Apr. 10, 2009 said it perfectly:

“…it will be a privilege to see each other through whatever life brings – marriage, children, career changes, difficulties, triumphs…we will go through it together.

Watching the seeds that were sown at Hampton bear fruit has been a blessing…because of those seeds I’ve become a godmother; because of those seeds I’ve had the honor of standing before god to support a friend in marriage; because of those seeds I understand that friendship is about being tested, and being there in good times and in bad.  I look forward to being there through it all.”

I’ll be excited to be there in February to watch Madilynn turn one and I’ve found a sweet little something to give to this sweet little girl – a hand-crafted lamb from Keosha Burns, owner, innovator, and creative mastermind behind Shosh Shop.  See the full story behind the lamb here.


Here’s to the journey and to sowing wonderful seeds.

Much love


The Endless Search…

Not too long ago someone brought it to my attention that it had been quite some time since I posted a blog.  I started thinking about the frequency with which I used to post.  I was on it for a good three years.  I reminded myself that although some of my posts were moving and/or introspective pieces (as evidenced here, here, and here) they were mostly mundane everyday rants (as evidenced here, here, and here).

In keeping with the latter I’ve decided to share the true misery that I’m encountering at the moment with my search for the perfect coat.  I must admit that there’s a small part of me that is using this public forum to coat-shame myself – think photo of cute dog with a funny sign around its neck.  I’ve provided a picture below for those of you who aren’t familiar with the dog-shaming phenomenon.  Note that the dog and I favor a bit…pointy nose, black (with some caramel swirled in), a bit demur, a bit deviant, and slightly malcontented, but I digress.


My coat shaming sign would say this:
I own four winter coats and none of them fit me properly.  At least three of these coats I’ve owned for more than 9 years.  I try to make myself feel better by telling myself that it’s my ample bosom that is keeping me from being able to properly button my coats but the real reason is that I’m fatter than I was 9 years ago (which, by the way I’m okay with, during a span of nine years one should be able to gain a few pounds if one wants, however if one gains a few pounds then one needs to buy new coats – period!).

There, I said it.  If I had to pinpoint why it has taken me this long to purchase new coats it would be the following:

  • I don’t like shopping (I never have)
  • I can get by with what I have
  • and finally, there’s the there’s always next year factor

I don’t like shopping
I don’t love shopping because the coat in my mind never appears in the racks.  The coat in my mind is sleek and fitted.  It falls just so, it is super classic, the height of stylish but not trendy.  It’s a statement piece…It’s my ride or die coat for the next 9 years, give or take.  So, take for example the trench coat that I’ve wanted to get, in my mind the coat would look like this on me:

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.49.58 PM

In reality, in the crowded unappealing and poorly visually coordinated store, the coat would end up looking like this on me:

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.55.27 PM

And then, of course, I’m over it.  This is actually one of the very few times in my life that I wish I had one of those overbearing TV mothers that hates my ill-fitting coats so much that she just goes out and buys new coats for me.  But alas my mother treats me like the grown woman that I am.  Thanks Mom.  It really is a true blessing that you are not overbearing.

I can get by with what I have
Although my coat situation is annoying I can definitely get by with what I have.  Is that acceptable?  Do winners just aim for getting by?  NO.  But practical people also don’t spend their precious weekend time at malls or in stores when year after year, based on coat inventory, the buyers have just mailed it in when it comes to the DC market.  And that brings me to kicking the can down the road…

The “there’s always next year factor”
I always start to look for just the right winter coat, find nothing, and then tell myself that I’ll get through the next couple of winter months and wait until next year to find the perfect coat(s).

I really do have to do something about replenishing my coats and in reading what I’ve written here I realize that I’ll never find a coat believing that I’m the type of person that can’t find a coat.

Whether it’s my ample bosom (and slight weight gain over 9+years), my dislike of shopping, my get-by with what I have tendency or my inclination to kick the can down the road, I have to believe that I’m the type of person that will look fabulous in any coat.  I must re-program myself to believe that the search for a coat won’t be a haze and that the right coats are out there waiting for me.

Here’s to the search.  Wish me luck.

I send the best of luck your way with whatever you’re searching for this year.  Happy 2014.

– Much love

Labor of Love, Enchanted Circle Boutique

This past Sunday was a game-changing day for me as it was the very first day that I featured the jewelry that I hand-craft at a trunk show event.  A couple of months ago my passion for jewelry, accessories and vintage finds hit me like a mack truck.  I decided to indulge that passion, took a series of jewelry classes, attended a gem and jewelry show and set about the business of launching my business, Enchanted Circle LLC.  I launched in July and the past couple of months have been exhilarating.

Having passion for what you do is a priceless feeling.  I am so grateful for that feeling I don’t know what to do with myself.    

Every single sale thus far, every single communication from an interested buyer has made me feel a sense of gratitude that is unlike anything I’ve felt before and that feeling is so much greater than the sum total of the monetary transaction.  I have gratitude that the buyer has found beauty in something that I deem to be beautiful, gratitude that the buyer has decided to acquire a piece and give it their own story, and on Sunday, gratitude that the pieces that I hand-crafted were described as being gorgeous, elegant yet edgy, unlike anything that is in the marketplace etc.

On Sunday a potential buyer gave me the best compliment that I’ve received to date, she said – “you’re a very good sales person because I believe what you’re telling me about your pieces, your excitement and your enthusiasm is so authentic…I want to buy from someone like you”.  To know me is to know that I would probably be the worst sales person ever because it is hard for me to fake anything…what this woman saw was passion.

At the event I felt the universe talking to me, telling me to pursue my passion.  I plan on listening.  I don’t expect the journey to be easy but I do expect it to be an extremely interesting ride.

I woke up this morning so grateful to God and the universe that I set a goal for myself (to launch a business) and that I achieved it.  The win is in trying and seeing my plan through to finish.  There are many more things to do – defining and measuring success, giving back to the community, continuing to grow…there’s so much to do and I’m excited to do it.

Below you’ll find pictures from Sunday’s event, courtesy of the amazingly talented photographer Kidada Kendall:

Kidada NK Kendall
contemporary photographer | 202.421.4362

Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0386 Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0417 Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0427 Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0429 (1) Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0430 Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0446 Taylor & York Salon Event 092213_092213_0506 (1)


The Night Before…

It’s 11pm and it feels like the night before my first day of a new grade.  In reality it’s the night before my first day back at work after a week-long relaxing staycation.  The week I took off was absolutely amazing.  In my head I think of the week as “the week of magical living.”  Magical because I went where the wind took me and worked on personal and business development.

I had so many fun and impromptu experiences – jazz in the park, a baseball game, seeing ‘The Butler’, catching up with college classmates, a trip to Easton MD with my mother.  It was all perfect.

photo 2-3
azz in the sculpture garden


Easton MD, smalltown USA

Perhaps the most perfect thing is the passion I felt for the jewelry store that I launched in July.  Selling beautiful pieces of jewelry and designing a line that I plan on launching in the fall has ignited a grind inside of me, the likes of which I haven’t seen or felt in quite some time.  Tonight I am grateful for passion and creativity and for the feeling of being on the edge and peering over to see what the future just might hold.

Much love

Check out if you haven’t already had a chance to!

Screen on the Green: Willy Wonka


We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dreams…That is one of my favorite lines from Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and last night’s dusk showing of the movie felt like a sweet dream.  The weather was perfect, the Capitol was brilliantly lit, and then it began… an old bugs bunny short played, followed by a retro HBO intro – which by the way the entire crowd got up and danced to (it was more like they were doing aerobics, it was quirky and fun) – and just like that, the screen lit up.

So let me start with the fact that I love the original Willy Wonka.  Through the mind’s eye of a child I can remember thinking that the movie was pure magic.  A poor boy holds out hope that one of five golden tickets will be his, he learns that the 5th ticket has been claimed only to later learn that the 5th claim was a hoax…he buys one final Wonka bar for his Granpa Joe and as he stands on the dingy street slowly peeling back the wrapper the golden ticket shines through and the adventure begins.  We follow Charlie on his exciting trip through Wonka-land flanked by obnoxious kids and equally obnoxious parents and surrounded by a delicious maze of a house that oozes candy and gadgets and little oompa-loompas …it was that simple, to a child. 

As an adult one realizes that:

  • Granpa Joe was faking his illness the whole time – come on, he was bed ridden for 25 years and then can suddenly get out of bed for a trip to the Wonka factory – come off it Granpa Joe, the jig is up
  • Charlie was an 8 year old boy who was essentialy working to buy tobacco for his Granpa Joe
  • Charlie and his family were having cabbage water for dinner, that’s the breaks
  • I’m not saying Willy Wonka was a pedophile BUT he was pedophile-ish
  • All of England, and all of the whole world for that matter must have been white as there were no black faces to be found, but hey it was 1971

Even with all of the things you realize as an adult the movie is still quite lovely…I sang along to the songs, laughed at the campy vignettes – the Wonka bar ransom scene is genius – and took in my beautiful city, she certainly showed off last night.


A Life Well-Styled.

Today marks the launch of my e-boutique

The Enchanted Circle name is near and dear to my heart as it is the street that my maternal grandparents lived on in Nashville Tennessee.  It’s the house I remember visiting for Thanksgiving holidays, the house I spent many a summer, it was one of the places that I called home.  Many fond and distant memories dance around in my mind of my Grandmother and Grandfather.  I called them Shasha and Granddaddy.  My grandparents provided me with love and affection and a certainty of simply being that I carry with me every day.

It was at 4364 Enchanted Circle where I first remember taking in my Shasha’s style.  I can clearly remember eyeing my grandmother’s choices…her rhinestone hats, her bejeweled and spiked keds, her long leather purse and costume jewelry…and through a child’s eyes thinking “what is my grandmother wearing?”


Life has a funny way of revealing all in its own time.  As I write this I chuckle at the spiked clutch bag I am about to take to dinner, smile at the beaded and sparkly sandals that I wore on my birthday, and feel so truly blessed that I have the opportunity to feel physically close to my Shasha when I wear her long leather purse or throw on many of her costume jewelry pieces that she so meticulously cared for.

My Shasha lived a life that was well styled and I’d like to think that some of her fun and eclectic sensibilities rubbed off on me.  I take delight in dressing up an ordinary black dress with a spectacular earring or pairing a beautiful necklace with the right t-shirt and jeans.  I took meticulous notes from my grandmother’s style and I learned that it’s not the quantity of what you have but the quality and versatility of your pieces that will take you the distance.

It is my hope that you will bookmark the Enchanted Circle Boutique and visit frequently to find unique costume and vintage finds, accessories, and one of a kind pieces for any occasion.  As you work on the most important things in life – taking care of loved ones and friends, being kind to others, and simply finding your way in this game called life – let Enchanted Circle Boutique help you do it all with style.

Much love,



What’s Making Me Happy

My 30+ birthday is right around the corner and I’m focused on the things that are making me happy at the moment.  Granted, long term planning is important, but it’s so important to live in the moment so here goes…

Friends:  You may not see them or talk  to them every day but when you see each other it’s magic…

photo (2)

(my friend Ryane and her dear friend Alice, owner of the Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, MD)

Simplicity:  Life can feel very heavy at times, terribly complicated, and just generally overwhelming.  I’m happy for reminders of the simple life…a beautiful house, on a quiet street, in a quaint town, give me the simple life…

photo (3)

Innocence:  The energy that two happy children bring to the universe, the wonder in their eyes, the innocence in their questions, their kindness is the sweetest thing…

photo (7)

The Perfect Cocktail:  It is not easy to find cocktail perfection, however, when you find one that makes you smile from within you are obligated to share with the world.  If you visit the Bartlett Pear Inn ask for The Harlequin.

photo (4)

Timex:  My new $28 Timex watch…it has a ridiculously large face that dwarfs my imp-ish wrist but it’s fun

photo (9)

Here’s to a fun weekend, happy Friday!