The Last Time

This past weekend I attended and spoke at the memorial service for my last grandparent, my grandmother Eunice S. Ricks. The fact that I wrote that sentence and that you just read that sentence is still a bit shocking to me.


Obviously as adults we are aware that death is coming for all of us, however, to experience losing the last of your grandparents feels like graduating to a stage of life that I was comfortable keeping at arms distance. If I had to give words to this stage of life the words would flow like this – I am now all too aware that there will be a last time for everything. I remember when I had no awareness that anything would ever end, it wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I am mourning the loss of that innocence.

I am living in a space where I so clearly understand that nothing lasts forever. It is because of that clarity that I intend to go for it and live my life to its fullest potential, to cherish every moment that I have with family and friends, and to do my very best to ultimately respect the fact that every moment is a fleeting one.

Here’s to the here and now and to living life with respect for the fact that there will be a last time.

Happy Friday!