A Message From The Universe

The last couple of weeks doubt has been creeping in…doubt in the form of questioning myself and the “why” behind why we (I) have to go through certain experiences. The good news is that it’s not crippling doubt, but either way, I found myself in need of a message.

As I waited in line at Starbucks this morning the doubt/questioning started creeping back in…“why did I have to experience that?” … “I’ll never get that time back.” … and almost before I could get that last thought out of my mind the barista handed me my tall, skim, no whip, no foam, white chocolate mocha and the Universe—more specifically Oprah—sent me this message:


photo (6)

Message received.

This was God speaking right to me. OR it was simply the result of a great marketing partnership between Oprah (she’s now selling teas through Starbucks) and Starbucks—I’ll take it as the former and those words were right on time.

Right now I’m thanking God, the Universe, and Oprah for timeliness.