The Sweetness of Time

Having a blog that I’ve maintained (off and on) for the past four years is like having a time capsule that I can periodically visit to see just how far my friends and I have come.

Today I’m marveling at the fact that in February my niece, Madilynn Audrey Greene, will celebrate her first birthday.  Although we may not be connected by blood the ties that bind us are deep, forever ties, as I’ve loved her mom, Dana, for quite some time.  I looked back through my blog posts to find entries that conveyed the good times that Dana and I have had and found stories of our ladies nights, Dana’s bachelorette party, and the day of Dana’s wedding.

A blog I wrote on Apr. 10, 2009 said it perfectly:

“…it will be a privilege to see each other through whatever life brings – marriage, children, career changes, difficulties, triumphs…we will go through it together.

Watching the seeds that were sown at Hampton bear fruit has been a blessing…because of those seeds I’ve become a godmother; because of those seeds I’ve had the honor of standing before god to support a friend in marriage; because of those seeds I understand that friendship is about being tested, and being there in good times and in bad.  I look forward to being there through it all.”

I’ll be excited to be there in February to watch Madilynn turn one and I’ve found a sweet little something to give to this sweet little girl – a hand-crafted lamb from Keosha Burns, owner, innovator, and creative mastermind behind Shosh Shop.  See the full story behind the lamb here.


Here’s to the journey and to sowing wonderful seeds.

Much love

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