The Night Before…

It’s 11pm and it feels like the night before my first day of a new grade.  In reality it’s the night before my first day back at work after a week-long relaxing staycation.  The week I took off was absolutely amazing.  In my head I think of the week as “the week of magical living.”  Magical because I went where the wind took me and worked on personal and business development.

I had so many fun and impromptu experiences – jazz in the park, a baseball game, seeing ‘The Butler’, catching up with college classmates, a trip to Easton MD with my mother.  It was all perfect.

photo 2-3
azz in the sculpture garden


Easton MD, smalltown USA

Perhaps the most perfect thing is the passion I felt for the jewelry store that I launched in July.  Selling beautiful pieces of jewelry and designing a line that I plan on launching in the fall has ignited a grind inside of me, the likes of which I haven’t seen or felt in quite some time.  Tonight I am grateful for passion and creativity and for the feeling of being on the edge and peering over to see what the future just might hold.

Much love

Check out if you haven’t already had a chance to!

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