A Life Well-Styled.

Today marks the launch of my e-boutique EnchantedCircleBoutique.com.

The Enchanted Circle name is near and dear to my heart as it is the street that my maternal grandparents lived on in Nashville Tennessee.  It’s the house I remember visiting for Thanksgiving holidays, the house I spent many a summer, it was one of the places that I called home.  Many fond and distant memories dance around in my mind of my Grandmother and Grandfather.  I called them Shasha and Granddaddy.  My grandparents provided me with love and affection and a certainty of simply being that I carry with me every day.

It was at 4364 Enchanted Circle where I first remember taking in my Shasha’s style.  I can clearly remember eyeing my grandmother’s choices…her rhinestone hats, her bejeweled and spiked keds, her long leather purse and costume jewelry…and through a child’s eyes thinking “what is my grandmother wearing?”


Life has a funny way of revealing all in its own time.  As I write this I chuckle at the spiked clutch bag I am about to take to dinner, smile at the beaded and sparkly sandals that I wore on my birthday, and feel so truly blessed that I have the opportunity to feel physically close to my Shasha when I wear her long leather purse or throw on many of her costume jewelry pieces that she so meticulously cared for.

My Shasha lived a life that was well styled and I’d like to think that some of her fun and eclectic sensibilities rubbed off on me.  I take delight in dressing up an ordinary black dress with a spectacular earring or pairing a beautiful necklace with the right t-shirt and jeans.  I took meticulous notes from my grandmother’s style and I learned that it’s not the quantity of what you have but the quality and versatility of your pieces that will take you the distance.

It is my hope that you will bookmark the Enchanted Circle Boutique and visit frequently to find unique costume and vintage finds, accessories, and one of a kind pieces for any occasion.  As you work on the most important things in life – taking care of loved ones and friends, being kind to others, and simply finding your way in this game called life – let Enchanted Circle Boutique help you do it all with style.

Much love,