What’s Making Me Happy

My 30+ birthday is right around the corner and I’m focused on the things that are making me happy at the moment.  Granted, long term planning is important, but it’s so important to live in the moment so here goes…

Friends:  You may not see them or talk  to them every day but when you see each other it’s magic…

photo (2)

(my friend Ryane and her dear friend Alice, owner of the Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, MD)

Simplicity:  Life can feel very heavy at times, terribly complicated, and just generally overwhelming.  I’m happy for reminders of the simple life…a beautiful house, on a quiet street, in a quaint town, give me the simple life…

photo (3)

Innocence:  The energy that two happy children bring to the universe, the wonder in their eyes, the innocence in their questions, their kindness is the sweetest thing…

photo (7)

The Perfect Cocktail:  It is not easy to find cocktail perfection, however, when you find one that makes you smile from within you are obligated to share with the world.  If you visit the Bartlett Pear Inn ask for The Harlequin.

photo (4)

Timex:  My new $28 Timex watch…it has a ridiculously large face that dwarfs my imp-ish wrist but it’s fun

photo (9)

Here’s to a fun weekend, happy Friday!