On my mind…

I read an interesting article today in The Atlantic about the difference between living a happy life and a meaningful life.  In a nutshell, the article explained that living a life centered around the pursuit of happiness did not necessarily result in true happiness because one was ultimately on a search to fulfill their desires, however, living a meaningful life resulted in feelings of fulfillment because it translated into the pursuit of helping others and discovering/understanding one’s greater, non self-serving purpose.

This article was divine intervention of sorts as I’ve been questioning my life and its meaning and what it will have all meant in the end.  Granted, I am questioning things that I will not know until the end, however, I am certainly coming face to face with the fact that my life cannot just be about the simple pursuit of my happiness, it must be about the pursuit of meaning.

This is the article http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/01/theres-more-to-life-than-being-happy/266805/