Bad Habits

Watching the devastation in the tri state area has me thinking about my bad habits and the situation that I’d certainly be in if I still lived at the corner of Carlton and Greene in Ft. Greene Brooklyn.

Seeing the gas lines and reading the NYTimes about many of those that were ill prepared for this magnitude of a storm (who really could prepare for this?) I can’t help but imagine the trouble that I would be in.  In my older age I’ve taken to letting my gas tank get ridiculously close to empty, so I would definitely be in a gas line.  I rarely have a full fridge – however this is something that I’m trying to do better with given the shame I felt when a recent house guest gasped at my bare pantry.  What can I say?  I try not to keep a bunch of crap on hand (only the essentials, frozen meat and veggies) and I loathe the grocery store.

I just need to do better.  Before the storm hit I was prepared with the following:

1 apple
1 banana
left over chinese food from twin dragon carry out (I affectionately call it “ghetto chinese”)
2 scented candles
2 flashlights
And any minute there I was going to put my hands on my battery powered radio…yeah, I never found that.

In case of emergency in Petworth DC/upper Northwest I was certainly f*cked.

I’m grateful for the fact that the storm was not devastating in the DC region (though the federal and local government and the transit system shut down) but truly saddened by the havoc the storm wreaked in the tri-state region.  New York city was my home for four years.  The c train, the train that I took to work every morning, that I only saw shut down during the transit strike, is out of commission.   What I’m seeing is shocking.

They say that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.   Let’s hope that is true.  As humans we are blessed with innate resilience, mostly because there is no reasonable alternative.

My thoughts, prayers, and meditations are with those trying to make it in the tri-state.

I’ll end with this – a wise man once told me tough times don’t last but tough people do.

– here’s to making it.


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