Time and Tide

Time waits for no man
And in and instant it seems
That everything you ever knew and ever held true
Is suddenly somewhere in that cruel and peace-less in between
Truths unraveling bit by bit
Hanging in the balance of firm reality
Dreams and sweetness hang on the tip
In the forefront on the tongue as you struggle with the shift
I think of her next chapter
And what that means for mine
The love
The fear
And everything in between
I stand on the shore
Watching the changing tides
Holding on to the past
Standing as firm as possible in the present
Fighting and negotiating the fickle tide
Going along as we have no choice
No one can stop the sheer force of time


To watch her grow old and watch her mind betray is one of the most helpless feelings.  I’m using this platform to share that hurt this evening.  The beauty of time.  The cruelty of time.  The sheer lack of control that we ultimately have over time – though an easy concept to grasp is a tough reality that stings.  Tonight I am sad for change that my family is going through.  But my sadness is ultimately my selfishness.

Good or bad I’m grateful for feeling.  Thank God for feeling.


words that move.

I’m certain that I love words.  I love everything about them…the way they make me feel, the way I can use them to move people, the way I can put them on paper and rediscover them years later and be instantly taken back to a time.  I even love the way they look.

Never let anyone tell you that font doesn’t matter.  Font is everything.

I was reminded how much I love words after reading Frank Ocean’s tumblr about his first love.  Regardless of what kind of love you believe in – straight, gay – his words are beautiful, so beautiful that I’m able to put aside that his first love had a girlfriend (in Future voice at the same damn time).  If you’ve ever been in love and loved someone so much that you thought you wouldn’t come back from it, his words take you to that place.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for good beginnings.  Frank opens his piece with this… “Whoever you are, wherever you are…I’m starting to think we’re a lot alike.  Human beings spinning on blackness.  All wanting to be seen, touched, heard, paid attention to…”

That is dope.

If you love words you have to check this out http://frankocean.com/

Here’s to words that move.

Move someone with your words this weekend.