33 Years & A Note About Love.

This morning I wake up to the day that marks the 33rd anniversary of my birth.  It is also the first day of my life that I no longer have my aunt.  Last night, as I watched Miami and OKC play yet another game, I got the call that she transitioned to the sweet by and by.

The most bitter pill to swallow with age is watching the people that you love pass away.  Love is placed in your life from the moment you are born and then in timely or untimely fashion love, in its physical manifestation, is taken away from you.  The most shocking thing for those of us that remain is the love that is taken too soon…death always comes too soon, but death that does not come at the end of one’s life – 80s, 90s and beyond is the death that especially hurts.  It reminds us of our own mortality…it reminds us of the physical love that we’ve lost…

I did not expect the end to come this soon, however, I rest well in the certainty that she knew, without a doubt that I loved her.

In the end it’s the little things that you remember…the meticulous meals that she made, the Bombay Gin that she loved, the look on her face as I watched her play with her baby granddaughter this past year, the love and hope that she had for her daughter and son, and her eternal friendship with my uncle…on my 33rd birthday I’m SO grateful for this kind of love.  The love that pulls at your heart strings…the love that fills you with tears that rush down your face…the love that you never forget…

I know that she knew that I loved her and I know that she is watching over her loved ones now.  With that belief I welcome my 33rd year of life and prepare to accept that my aunt’s physical love has transitioned to the universe.  I pray that some of that love surrounds me on this day…that it surrounds her daughter, son, and my uncle…and that as her grandchildren grow they also come into that love.

Here’s to love.

When I lost my grandfather unexpectedly, for some reason, the following quote helped me through

“Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love.  It can’t take away our memories either.  In the end, life is stronger than death.”