Make it a good one!

From time to time random thoughts pop into my head.  On Friday the following statement dominated my thoughts:

You’re not as skinny as you used to be but you’re not as fat as you’re going to be

I got this from some postcard or other that said something like – you’re not as young as you used to be but not as old as you’re going to be so live it up

How funny that almost simultaneously I got the following Groupon mailed to me.

Is Groupon in my mind?

How did Groupon know that I was lamenting my former bottomless-pit self?  What prey-tell do I mean by bottomless pit?  I mean that I’m lamenting the fact that I used to be able to eat whatever the hell I wanted to with seemingly no consequences or repercussions.  Ahhh welcome to 30-something.

While no liposuction is in my future I am planning for a large dose of self control.  What does self control look like you ask?  On Saturday, while out with a friend, instead of ordering the fries with my cheeseburger I got a salad…

…which I then topped with a bit of ranch.

Don’t judge me it’s Monday.  We don’t judge til the weekend.

Make it a good one.

–          CR