I’m Currently Obsessed With…

Finding new blogs that encourage me to dream and finding amazingly cheap yet beautiful accessories/furniture finds for the home.  I typically don’t go in search of cheap furniture (cheap sound so bad) but I became hooked once I stumbled upon this AMAZING find from Wisteria – I adore.

I have had this amazing piece in my collection (sounds so super sophisticated) for about two years now and it’s so lovely I just can’t say enough about it.  It has a vintage feel, a beautiful tarnished and burnt color, and a stained glass top that welcomes any sexy little lamp that you want to put on it.  See my sexy little lamp here

I am such a cheerleader for this piece that I got one of my fabulous NYC girlfriends to purchase it as well!  It arrived at her place last week – she ADORES too!

SO imagine my surprise, as I discovered my new favorite blog, SoHaute.com and I’m reading the most recent post entitled “Style Stalking, Jacqui Getty At Home”, I scroll down to the fifth picture and I see this photo…

My beautiful & inexpensive furniture find in the “…profoundly beautiful home of LA tastemaker…” Jacqui Getty!

My obsessions collided – it was meant to be!  I was meant to tell the world (or my five loyal followers) about my two favorite obsessions (of the moment).  SO if you’re looking for a fun sophisticated piece that won’t break your pockets jump on this beautiful Wisteria table and if you’re looking to expand your blog rolodex put SoHaute.com on your list.  The author of this blog is not only talented but she’s a beautiful black woman – don’t get me wrong I follow so many blogs written by amazingly creative women and could care less about the color of their skin, however I must admit that it’s refreshing to stumble across a blog written by a woman that looks like me.

Happy Thursday!


One thought on “I’m Currently Obsessed With…

  1. I don’t know what’s better-the table that I too own or the fact that you called me a Fabulous Friend. Either way, it’s a win and so is my (our) table.

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