Friday Review: Bobby’s Burger Palace

From the “if I could eat anything right now I would eat…” files I bring you a review of Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Because if I could eat anything right now and I weren’t worried about my hips/thighs/and ass I would have a big juicy burger – team carnivore.

A girlfriend and I made our way to Bobby’s new joint last week and it was pretty good.  The bun was a little too pasty for my taste.  If you’re going in for the real thing why not put a little butter on the bun and toast it up a bit??

I got the blue burger and you can’t really go wrong with ground beef, bacon, and blue cheese, however I will say that I’ve had better blue burgers.  The fries were excellent, they reminded me of the fries at Marvin, who by the way has the BEST fries in DC (the sauce trio is delightful).

By far, the best thing about the place was the customer service.  All of the employees were friendly and very attentive.  I can’t say enough about the importance of customer service…of all the things that business owners invest in, I’m convinced that drilling in a culture of customer service is one of the most important investments.  Although the burger didn’t wow me, I would go back because of the people and I would pray to the burger gods that the bun would be toasted and buttery the next time around.

The garish signage, I don’t adore.

Very Ron Burgundy-esque…”sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight”

Bobby’s Blue Burger, rated:  Pretty Good

Dear God – If this is what i do to a dish that’s ‘pretty good’ please help me (dear God, make me a bird so i can fly far, far far away from here)


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