We Survived.

As I sat at my desk yesterday and felt the slow tremble of what felt like a train rumbling underneath the building, followed by a slightly louder roar, and then, what had to have been at least 30 seconds of standing in the doorway of my office, holding on to the door frame and staring in disbelief as the building shook and swayed back and forth – as if it were meant to move like that – I thought to myself:  Is this the way it ends?

I wholeheartedly believed that there was a good chance that my office building was going to implode and crush me, ending my 30+ years of life.  I said to myself – i said, self– “so this is how it ends, at an office building in Rockville MD, wearing a target dress (which was very cute by the way) and flat sandals?”

And just as I prepared myself for certain doom, the shaking and swaying stopped.

I frantically tried to call my parents just to make sure they were okay – oh, and get this – I finally get my dear Mutha on the phone and she says to me, in a high-pitched, thousand-mile-an-hour pace, “Yes, it was an earthquake; call you right back I’m on the other line click….”  Ahh, you gotta love my mom!

So there I was in the parking lot of my building having just experienced the single-handed most frightening show of Mother Nature’s force…there was no one to call, as the phones were not working.  I wasn’t close to any of my loved ones.  It was just me.  I’m not sure what was more frightening, the actual event or the chaos and isolated feeling that followed as I wondered how my loved ones were doing.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is here…wear high-heels more often, be sure that the first person you call in case of emergency isn’t someone who’d immediately click over on you, target dresses are smart for all occasions (be it a date or meeting a horribly bizarre ending)…I digress.

In the end – aside from the dishes that broke, the nerves that were frazzled, and the pants that were certainly soiled – we made it through.

For all you survivors, make it good day.



2 thoughts on “We Survived.

  1. When I tell you that I did not even know. I received a text message from my brother, and I’m like WHAT!?!?!?!?!? So I calmly text him to call when he can, as I know my mother did enough worrying for ALL. I am quite sure it was an experience, that makes one grateful for life (the good and not so good). Glad your fared well. I love red dot boutique (target) dresses by the way.

  2. Even in an emergency situation, a good woman knows to contemplate her ensemble and what it represents. Let it be known that I reached out via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email to ensure your safety but in my heart of hearts, I knew it was not Christina’s time. Too much more to do, see, and be.

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