An Affair to Remember…

Although I will always love my fair city, Washington DC, I must confess that I have a second love, Fort Greene Brooklyn.

I lived in Fort Greene for some years and though I decided that it would not be my permanent home this place will always have a special place in my heart.  Fort Greene made me feel a sense of community when I needed respite from the concrete jungle that was Manhattan…it was a calming and soothing place for my soul.

It had been some time since I’d been back, but on a recent trip I was overwhelmed with my affection for Fort Greene.  The weather was lovely, the jazz station, 88.3 (I recommend that you live stream this now) provided a romantic soundtrack as I drove through the colorful streets and the mood was perfectly set for my weekend love affair.  I soaked up the delicious food, the beautiful parks, and enjoyed the company of amazing people – Zovig, you’re truly a gem…to The Feeze, I look forward to the next time!

Here’s to special people, lovely weather, beautiful music, and an affair with a truly lovely city…enjoy.

Salad, brought to you by Olea, 171 Lafayette Ave.

Chicken sandwich, Olea

Signature cocktail, brought to you by No. 7, 7 Greene Ave.

The park at Carlton & Dekalb, just lovely…

A view from the park…Madiba restaurant, 195 Dekalb Ave.

Salmon brought to you by Dino’s, 222 Dekalb Ave.

The bar at Dino’s.  Is there a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

Pear martini brought to you by Flatbush Farmers, 76 St. Marks Ave.

My sexy home away from home, Fort Greene.


3 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember…

    • Oh I’ll be back! Until then I’ll definitely be keeping up with your fabulous blog…i’m loving!

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