Friday Review: Bobby’s Burger Palace

From the “if I could eat anything right now I would eat…” files I bring you a review of Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Because if I could eat anything right now and I weren’t worried about my hips/thighs/and ass I would have a big juicy burger – team carnivore.

A girlfriend and I made our way to Bobby’s new joint last week and it was pretty good.  The bun was a little too pasty for my taste.  If you’re going in for the real thing why not put a little butter on the bun and toast it up a bit??

I got the blue burger and you can’t really go wrong with ground beef, bacon, and blue cheese, however I will say that I’ve had better blue burgers.  The fries were excellent, they reminded me of the fries at Marvin, who by the way has the BEST fries in DC (the sauce trio is delightful).

By far, the best thing about the place was the customer service.  All of the employees were friendly and very attentive.  I can’t say enough about the importance of customer service…of all the things that business owners invest in, I’m convinced that drilling in a culture of customer service is one of the most important investments.  Although the burger didn’t wow me, I would go back because of the people and I would pray to the burger gods that the bun would be toasted and buttery the next time around.

The garish signage, I don’t adore.

Very Ron Burgundy-esque…”sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight”

Bobby’s Blue Burger, rated:  Pretty Good

Dear God – If this is what i do to a dish that’s ‘pretty good’ please help me (dear God, make me a bird so i can fly far, far far away from here)


We Survived.

As I sat at my desk yesterday and felt the slow tremble of what felt like a train rumbling underneath the building, followed by a slightly louder roar, and then, what had to have been at least 30 seconds of standing in the doorway of my office, holding on to the door frame and staring in disbelief as the building shook and swayed back and forth – as if it were meant to move like that – I thought to myself:  Is this the way it ends?

I wholeheartedly believed that there was a good chance that my office building was going to implode and crush me, ending my 30+ years of life.  I said to myself – i said, self– “so this is how it ends, at an office building in Rockville MD, wearing a target dress (which was very cute by the way) and flat sandals?”

And just as I prepared myself for certain doom, the shaking and swaying stopped.

I frantically tried to call my parents just to make sure they were okay – oh, and get this – I finally get my dear Mutha on the phone and she says to me, in a high-pitched, thousand-mile-an-hour pace, “Yes, it was an earthquake; call you right back I’m on the other line click….”  Ahh, you gotta love my mom!

So there I was in the parking lot of my building having just experienced the single-handed most frightening show of Mother Nature’s force…there was no one to call, as the phones were not working.  I wasn’t close to any of my loved ones.  It was just me.  I’m not sure what was more frightening, the actual event or the chaos and isolated feeling that followed as I wondered how my loved ones were doing.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is here…wear high-heels more often, be sure that the first person you call in case of emergency isn’t someone who’d immediately click over on you, target dresses are smart for all occasions (be it a date or meeting a horribly bizarre ending)…I digress.

In the end – aside from the dishes that broke, the nerves that were frazzled, and the pants that were certainly soiled – we made it through.

For all you survivors, make it good day.


An Affair to Remember…

Although I will always love my fair city, Washington DC, I must confess that I have a second love, Fort Greene Brooklyn.

I lived in Fort Greene for some years and though I decided that it would not be my permanent home this place will always have a special place in my heart.  Fort Greene made me feel a sense of community when I needed respite from the concrete jungle that was Manhattan…it was a calming and soothing place for my soul.

It had been some time since I’d been back, but on a recent trip I was overwhelmed with my affection for Fort Greene.  The weather was lovely, the jazz station, 88.3 (I recommend that you live stream this now) provided a romantic soundtrack as I drove through the colorful streets and the mood was perfectly set for my weekend love affair.  I soaked up the delicious food, the beautiful parks, and enjoyed the company of amazing people – Zovig, you’re truly a gem…to The Feeze, I look forward to the next time!

Here’s to special people, lovely weather, beautiful music, and an affair with a truly lovely city…enjoy.

Salad, brought to you by Olea, 171 Lafayette Ave.

Chicken sandwich, Olea

Signature cocktail, brought to you by No. 7, 7 Greene Ave.

The park at Carlton & Dekalb, just lovely…

A view from the park…Madiba restaurant, 195 Dekalb Ave.

Salmon brought to you by Dino’s, 222 Dekalb Ave.

The bar at Dino’s.  Is there a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

Pear martini brought to you by Flatbush Farmers, 76 St. Marks Ave.

My sexy home away from home, Fort Greene.

The Foundation of Funk

If Mondays are my self-critique days (see post below) then Fridays are my grateful days.

Good lord willing – as the old folks used to say – Friday brings the certainty of Saturday and Sunday and my spirit truly welcomes the days of relaxation.

My mind is best able to reflect on the things that I’m grateful for during the times of least stress.

For the first time last week I heard Jay-Z and Kanye’s new song.  I’m referring to the song that starts off with the opening of Otis Redding’s Try A Little Tenderness.  After the opening you hear Jay and Kanye rap and the hook/chorus is all Otis.  I’m not going to go into some diatribe about hip-hop and its legacy of sampling – some might say taking from the classics.  I do believe that sampling has its place and that there have been some amazing songs that have resulted from this practice.

BUT when I heard Jay-Z and Kanye’s song, at the exact point when Try A Little Tenderness cuts off and Jay-Yay start rapping I instantly felt grateful with a slight mix of sorrow.

Grateful because I not only knew the original song but that I had also been taught to appreciate the musical genius of Otis Redding and his contemporaries – the Wilson Picketts (aka Wicked Pickett), the James Browns, Sam Cooks etc.  Sorrow because I’m certain that there are millions of people out there that have NO idea about the rich musical legacy, funk foundation, and cultural heritage from which that music originates.

To be clear – I’m not blaming Jay-Yay.  If anything their sampling of the song might cause some people to research Otis Redding and his rich body of work.  I am simply grateful for being brought up with an understanding of funk’s foundation.

What’s is Funk? — Soul music in its purest, most untouched form.  Music that speaks to you.  Music that will be a hit because it was universal then and it’s universal now.

Listen to this man talk about tenderness…listen to this man sympathize with a weary woman – if this man’s voice doesn’t speak to your soul and make something inside you listen, what does?

Sam Cook’s certainty that change would come…

Wilson Pickett warning sally to slow that mustang down…

JB – talking bout wanting to do his thing, like a sex machine…

THIS IS FUNK in its purest, most-original, un-adulterated form.

I don’t have children and I don’t have nieces or nephews but for those of you that have any or all of the above you owe them a talk about funk and soul music.  Any child/children that come into my life will get this conversation.  And it won’t just be a conversation – if they are my children it will be a lifetime of understanding the foundation and it might get on their nerves but who cares?

Honestly I can’t imagine that a child would hear Chris Brown’s He Ain’t Me on the radio and not – at some point – be thoroughly educated on the fact that Michael Jackson’s Human Nature was a hit in 83’…It was a hit in 92’ when it was sampled on SWV’s Right Here and it will be a hit this year on Chris Brown’s CD – why?

Because it’s original funk.

Keep it funky this weekend.


What is Success?

Sometimes Mondays are my toughest days.  It’s the start of the week and it’s the time that I decide to do my most self critiquing and I can be downright harsh.  I berate myself based on any number of superficial measures – station in life, salary, relationships, weight, time spent in gym…the list goes on and on.  And then, just as I am about say another un-kind and self-deflating thing I arrive at my desk and I see the following sign:

“What is success?  To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; that is to have succeeded.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this definition of success.  There is no mention of money or job title, station in life or luxury car – Emerson’s definition of success is all about the impact that one human being can have on another human being’s life through friendship, affection, and personal character.

For many of us, determining what our own definition of success is and staying true to that definition is a constant battle.  It is a battle between the truth that we pursue and the truth that society qualifies as the ultimate truth.  It is so very easy to get confused by what success is or isn’t.  It is so very easy to measure yourself against the common denominator of success.

This is a reminder to follow your own version of success – whatever that may be – to stay true to yourself, and to not get caught up in the hype of what you should have or where you should be, but rather to be grateful for the here and now.

What is success?  Sunlight dancing on the water – it’s absolutely breathtaking.