This week my parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary.  Add the six years prior to 1975 – they met as freshman at the then Hampton Institute – and they’ve been together for 42 years give or take the college break–ups and make-ups.

As a kid I definitely had the normal arguments and disagreements with my parents but I never went through a period when I thought my parents weren’t cool.

Growing up I remember a house with a lot of love, laughter, music, and family friends.  My parents made love and partnership look easy and I appreciate them for that.

As I grow older I see that despite what you may see from the outside love is not a fairy tale, it is hard work.  Loving someone isn’t just a feeling it’s an active and ever-evolving process…it’s a commitment to compromise and it’s a commitment to be each other’s partner through the good times and bad.

In the minds eye of a young girl I love the fact that I was able to believe in the fairy tale of my parent’s romance.  And now as an adult I love the fact that I can transition that fairy tale into a real life understanding of what they actually committed to for all of these years.

I can see now that it hasn’t been a fairy tale at all…it has been something better…it has been something worth working and fighting for…it has been ever-evolving, lasting friendship, love, and partnership.

My parents love has made me the woman that I am today, it has made me a better person, it has taught me how to love others, and it has given me the strength and courage to tell people how I want to be loved.

So today I celebrate love and real life.  May each of us get hip to real-love, not fairy-tale love…love that is ever-evolving, love that is worth working and fighting for.



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