It’s “Christina” with an “A”

For the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with the awkward situation of having a client call me Christine via email and for a long while I was going with it.  I was thinking to myself – with each email – that maybe this would be the time that they read my email signature and realized it was ChristinA…but there was no such luck. 

I think email is one of the most awkward and perplexing mediums to be called the wrong name.  It just seems like someone has to try much harder to misspell your name via email.  After all – if I email the client first and my signature says Christina, where in the world does Christine come from?

After two weeks of being addressed as Christine I knew I had to take drastic yet polite measures…but what was I to do?  This emailing had been going back and forth for quite some time and I had let the name gaffe go unmentioned…how was I to find a subtle way to bring this up?  Well, I decided to face the situation head on.  I replied to the last straw email in which I was addressed as Christine and I said:

“Hi <insert client name> – It’s Christina, but no worries, people mistakenly call me “Christine” all the time….”

And just to be sure that the “e” “a” mix up was cleared up I decided to bold and underline the “a” in my name.  Too much??  {please insert awkward blank stare here}.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself.

I honestly felt like this was the most direct and non passive-aggressive way to deal with this unintended mix up.  I thought about writing an email to my client and purposely misspelling their name – but then I thought to myself “you’re about to be 32-just say what you mean.”

So that’s the theme of today’s blog post folks, if push comes to shove (and shove turns to scuffle and scuffle turns to fight…I digress…) just say what you mean.

– Cheers.

2 thoughts on “It’s “Christina” with an “A”

  1. I can understand the continued mistaken spelling of your name in email. Imagine my reaction when an “email only” client finally graduates to a live phone call with me only to exclaim (with no sense of shame), “Oh, Zovig. I thought you were a man.” No, I’m not sir.

  2. Christina, this made me lol…..this def a pet peeve of mine. ESPECIALLY when my email is christy.bellamy@……. usually the email is from a coworker who is using the company outlook add book to find me…..oh well. I’m thinking you have to be in a huge hurry or just inconsiderate to address me as Christie, or any other version of my name.


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