What I’m Thankful For.

On the way in to work this morning I was thinking that it’s been a long time since I’ve written.  Inspiration used to hit me like lightening compelling me to write about an array of topics – from funny to serious – it would just hit me. 

The hits are coming less and less, not because my mind is void of humorous/compelling observations, more like my mind is on information overload.  Flitting from one thing to the next…there’s so much fodder for the blogosphere…what with high profile infidelity, Wiener’s inappropriate picture sent to twitter fans, the resurgence of Sarah Palin (blank stare), Kim Kardashian’s engagement (don’t shoot me), the ending of The Oprah Show, the aftermath of the capture of Bin Laden – there’s so much there.  How does a neurotic soul choose just one?

If I’m honest, over the last month I’ve been most captivated by the revelation of Arnold’s infidelity.  The level of betrayal that he heaped on his family is absolutely astonishing.  I cannot imagine the pain that his family is experiencing recounting encounters they each had with a former maid that committed the ultimate betrayal and the maid’s innocent child that they now realize was their kin. 

How is it even possible for someone to live a lie that is that outlandish?  WHY would someone even choose to live a lie that is that outlandish? 

Unfortunately married people commit adultery at alarming rates – however to have the nerve to allow the adulterous partner to interact with the family that they are betraying…to in full-consciousness condone the co-existence of the adulterous partner and innocent child with the innocent family seems pathological…the pre-meditation that this took is simply breathtaking.

I wonder two things:  1) If Arnoldwouldn’t have been a bodybuilder turned actor turned politician would he have ended up being a plain old psychopath?  2) Would it have been better if he would have kept the entire thing to himself?  I mean, he lived the lie for more than a decade – did he reveal this lie to make himself feel better because he just couldn’t take the betrayal anymore OR did he tell because someone threatened to out him?  If he lived it for that long, why not take it to the grave?

 This situation makes me thankful for the truthfulness in my life.  Of course we can never know for sure what someone else’s truth is but in the quest to invite truth into our own lives, we can work to extend truthfulness to others hoping that the grace that we set forth might somehow protect us – and this is something we must do on faith knowing that even the most truthful, most graceful people get betrayed.  When you think about the weight of faith it’s really something…faith and grace are required of us in the face of the fact that there is no guarantee that it will be extended to us. 

I guess it’s all a journey my friends.  Have a great week.

– Peace.

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