Spring Cleaning in the Digital Age

Despite the crap that the digital age has brought us – spam, email scams, unwanted friend requests from non-friends, incessant invites to events in cities in which one does not reside, identity theft, and my most recent personal favorite, email slander (mass email sent with intent to slander your name/image/character) – yes, despite it all, occasionally the digital gods smile upon us and deliver an absolute gem. 

See exhibit A, a priceless Facebook mobile upload of a gentleman wearing a Spelman sweatshirt.

First let me say that I love my Spelman sisters.  The Spelman women that I’ve met are some of the smartest, most creative, and outgoing women out there (aside from Hampton women of course 🙂 ) Second, the above could happen to any of us!  I’ll set up the scenario – you’re doing some hurried spring cleaning, you’ve decided to throw out all sweaters that you don’t wear at least twice a year.  In the rush you manage to throw your AKA/  Hampton/Morehouse/<insert any other institution> sweatshirt in the goodwill pile.  Next thing you know you’re walking down Georgia Avenue and you see a homeless man with an AKA shirt on OR you’re in line at Chipotle and you see a gentleman with a Spelman sweatshirt.  Two ridiculous scenarios because AKA is a sorority and Spelman is an all girls college.

My family has first-hand knowledge of goodwill scandals.  I believe the story goes like this…my father was stationed in Korea the first year I was born.  While he was there he decided to commission an oil painting of his brand new family, he brought said painting home from Korea…my mother did not particularly love the idea of a large oil painting of the three of us (I guess she thought we were taking ourselves a bit too seriously with an oil painting)….sooo she takes it to goodwill thinking that some schmuck would want a painting of us <inset blank stare here>…and lo and behold she receives a call from one of her girlfriends saying something to the effect of “I don’t want to alarm you but someone told me that they saw an oil painting of your family at goodwill – is everything okay?”

I absolutely love that story.  My mom and I laugh every time she tells it; my dad just rolls his eyes at the absurdity of it all.

I guess the moral of the story is, with spring cleaning upon us, don’t get too carried away.

Let the above picture be a constant reminder that some things should not simply be given away. 

Happy spring cleaning – hopefully you’re somewhere enjoying the lovely weather!