I am not a sports fan…

But I am a die hard Hamptonian.

For those of you that don’t know, the Hampton University Pirates will take on the Duke University Blue Devils this Friday.  I will be with my team in spirit and as you read this I am planning my work exit strategy on Friday afternoon. 

A match-up with Duke is daunting, but I remember 2001 when Hampton University, number 15 seed beat Iowa State, the number two seed.  Hampton University wanted the win more than Iowa did.

Please don’t underestimate the power of wanting something bad enough and being prepared to fight for it. 

In Atlanta this weekend – amidst the self-portraits, cute food intake (don’t you love the baby hot dog!!), and slight imbibing (exhibit A – beautiful bar at hot restaurant lounge Café Circa owned and operated by two Hamptonians) – my sister friend and I talked about the concept of “wanting it more.”

I had to chuckle as my hosts – Dr. and Mrs. Michael Green – explained how it was all about “who wants it more.”  They shared this revelation in very Rick Bobby-esque terms, usually as they were making a quick u-turn to secure a parking spot (or as some of you might say “a park”) or changing lanes despite the driver behind them that was hell bent on not letting them over…once they made their swift move they would exclaim “you just gotta want it more.”

There’s something to that sentiment – “wanting it more.”  Of course there are other things involved – preparation, practice, in this case the deepness of Duke University’s pockets allowing them to recruit many of the top players in the nation (but I digress).  In spite of all of that, sometimes in life it comes down to you or me and whoever wants it more will take it

In this case it’s Hampton or Duke.  You know whose side I’ll be on.

As I mentally prepare for this match up I vividly remember where I was when Hampton beat Iowa State in 2001.  I was a senior at Hampton University, relaxing at the crib– 218 A Lincoln Street to be exact.  It was late at night (not that late, but late enough…maybe it was midnight) and I got a call from my ole man telling me that Hampton was on and that they were definitely in the game.  He was directing me to turn on the TV and root for my team.  It was a close game and it was gut-wrenching at times but I sat there and watched my team fight for it with everything that they had in them.      

Some might argue that there’s no amount of “wanting it more” that the Pirates can muster to beat Duke – but I say, don’t count us out.

Win or lose I’m proud of my team for making it to the big dance.

Now go out there and play your hearts our Pirates.  

– Much Love Pirates!


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