A Wink From Above

It was a perfect moment…I was at one of my local watering holes, enjoying a glass of wine when I looked up and realized that I was face-to-face with a crack addict.  I wasn’t dealing with an addict of an illicit drug, I was dealing with an addict of the affliction that many well-meaning men and women face when they sit down and their pants decide to relax, too. 

I am curious as to how this happens to people…people are in control of their pants – pants have no say!  Of course if pants could talk perhaps they would want to slack and slouch…they might enjoy half-assedly covering someone’s buttocks – but it’s not enjoyable for the rest of us innocent bystanders.

Never mind that my friend and I got a great chuckle off of this ass-man and that I was able to snap this priceless photo, I knew that this experience was more than happenstance.   

Given the giant crack that was staring me down, I started thinking about signs.  People are constantly seeking signs that will help encourage them.  Signs that let them know that a loved one is thinking about them, signs that help them determine the right decision to make.   

I have been looking for a sign. 

I was looking for something to truly inspire me for my next blog post.  I wanted a nudge from something greater to guide me in the right direction…I needed divine inspiration.  What could I share that would make someone chuckle?  What could I share that might make someone’s day brighter?  I wanted to share a story that someone might remember someday. 

Sometimes a sign can be a song on the radio, a familiar phrase that a stranger might utter…and yes, sometimes a sign can be a bare ass.  Believe it or not, this man’s exhibition helped me recall one of the most touching memories I have of my maternal grandmother.

My Grandmother was funny – not in the crass way that we see today but in the clever sharp sort of way that sneaks up on you.  To take you back, it was May 2001, the night before I was scheduled to graduate from Hampton University.  My entire family made the pilgrimage to Hampton Virginia to observe the occasion.  We were relaxing in my parent’s hotel suite.  My Grandfather and Grandmother were there, along with my Uncle, Mom and Dad and we were just laughing and talking and enjoying the camaraderie.  Eventually we stumbled on a conversation about music and out of nowhere my Grandmother said…

“That reminds me of the old joke about the piano player that played songs upon request…

Someone walked up to the piano player and said – do you know blue moon? And he played the song…

Another person walked up to him and said – do you know my heart will always be true? And he played the song…

Another person walked up to him and said – do you know your ass is out?? And he said…
– I don’t know it, but if you hum it, I’ll play it!”

10 years later I still remember that moment.  That joke and its perfect delivery is probably one of the last vivid memories that I have of the spunky woman that my grandmother was.  Though she would go on to live for many more years, this beautiful woman’s mind and body was betrayed by Alzheimer’s disease.

So many families have been afflicted by this horrible disease.  Families watch their loved ones become shells of their former selves.  We watch as people that were beacons of strength descend into the madness and disjointed thoughts that have crept into the inner most intimate parts of their brain.  We watch destruction. 

In the wake of destruction, we are then only left with the blessing of fond memories.  We find a safe haven in these memories and if we’re smart we look at these memories as blessings from God…sometimes we even seek signs that our loved one is smiling down and laughing with us.

I fully believe that this bare-backed man was more than a source of cheap laughs on a Saturday night.  He was a reminder from my Grandmother, a wink of sorts, to laugh and rejoice in the good times.

– Cheers to good times and embracing the signs in your own life.


One thought on “A Wink From Above

  1. And don’t forget how Grandma always likes to refer to the local town of Man-ass-as.

    Thank you for this cousin – and also for making me tear up at work – how dare you???

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