Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  It’s a holiday that brings about nostalgia and I am so very grateful for that nostalgia. 

I am an only child so Christmas was always a win-win for me, however at this age it’s not the presents that I remember – I can only remember the feelings of love and fun that I had. 

I remember both sets of my grandparents being alive and well.  I remember Christmases at my grandparent’s home in Hampton VA where my cousins and I would be on a Christmas high from all of the presents, the good smells in the house, the ‘Christmas Play’ that we used to force the elders to sit through.  One year I specifically remember that we performed a play called “the chase” in which we literally chased each other around the living room as the family looked on… ahhh, even way back then we were so original.  I specifically remembering hearing my father say “are you guys almost finished??”…my ole man!

This morning I woke up with an urge to go spend time with my folks and I’m so glad I did.  They had just put the tree up so my timing couldn’t have been better.  I put decorations on the tree – some of which we’ve had for 30+ years.  I helped my mother put the garland on the entry banister complete with lights and bows.  By the time we were done the house looked like something out of a department store catalogue.    

My, how Christmas has evolved in the Ricks household.  I remember the excitement of going to the lot to pick out a tree – we never had fake trees…

…when the tree was full of nothing but homemade decorations – do paper garlands ring a bell? 

And as a kid, there were none of these all white uniform lights on the tree, we had the fat multi-colored lights!

I told my parents today that I appreciate the fact that they completely indulged me at Christmas time.  I know for a fact that the multi-colored Christmas tree, covered in paper garland must have been a huge eye sore – but through a child’s eyes, it was beautiful.  Although Christmas has definitely become more stylish at my parent’s house there are some things that never change.

Putting up the decorations with my folks and playing our Christmas soundtrack in the background (I must give my parent’s credit for their musical taste!)…

Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song

The Whispers This Christmas

The Jackson Five’s Give Love on Christmas Day

Donny Hathaway’s version of This Christmas…just the way that voice comes in – hang all the mistletoe i’m gonna get to know you better; Stevie Wonder – one little Christmas tree…the list goes on.  This soundtrack ushers the season in.  I’m eternally grateful for it.

I continue to look forward to Christmas with my folks and the cast of characters that usually appears.  So here’s to an amazing Christmas season…to spending time with family…to making new traditions of your own…and to brightening someone else’s season.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorites, click here.

– Til next time!


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