Hoooray for Commoners!

I love weddings just as much as the next girl, but in my opinion, a good love story trumps a wedding any day.   And who doesn’t love a story that unfolds against all odds?  This seems to be the story of Kate Middleton – a young woman that grew up in a solidly middle class family, went to college and fell in love with a real Prince. 

Of all of the young girls that grew up in England dreaming of one day meeting and falling in love with the Prince, she was the one that caught his eye and kept his attention for eight years.  And finally she was the one that inspired the young Prince to ask for her hand in marriage, sealing the deal with not just any breathtaking bauble but the very ring that his mother received for her engagement.   

As I read the articles about their engagement and look at the footage of them together I think of Jack Nicholson in the final sequence of Something’s Gotta Give…he tastes the surprising saltiness of the foreign liquid rolling down his face – clearly shocked that he’s crying – and he says in a disgusted tone “Guess who gets to be the GIRL!.” 

I am quite the “girl” when it comes to stuff like this.  I grew up loving musicals and the classic love stories that they told.  Who can forget Eliza Dolittle making the transition from gutter-snipe to stunning beauty and Professor Higgins’ range of emotions as he realized he’d fallen for his protégé; the young governess Maria who unwittingly inspired the Captain’s affection over the Baroness’s in the Sound of Music; or Tony and Maria’s unlikely love in West Side Story…these are the stories that made me the hopeless romantic that I am.  In the midst of chaos the thought of true love gives me a feeling that there is power within us to make things right.   

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On the radio the announcement of their pending nuptials mentioned the fact that a royal hadn’t married a commoner since <insert some long ago date>.  I particularly love the reference to Kate being a commoner.  Being a commoner seems to be a demeaning reference at first, but after you think about it, that’s what makes her so lovely – she’s just like you and I (or at least she was!).

From the outside looking in, how could you not like this girl next door type?  She’s got a casual yet refined sensibility…the white jeans look as if they were selected from a J.Crew catalogue, the grey shirt looks like a cute target piece, who doesn’t have a cute pair of black ballet flats, and the simplicity of a grey dress with a flowing jacket – come on, you gotta love this girl.

I wish Kate and the Prince the very best.  I hope that in spite of the pomp and circumstance that will certainly surround them, they never forget the ordinary circumstances in which they fell in love…may they never forget what it was like to be young at heart.

– Here’s to the hope that each of us meets our own Prince or Princess and that when we do we cherish them for a lifetime.  Have a lovely weekend!


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