Hello My Name is Christina and I’m a Foodie.

A couple of weeks ago my mother made it home safely from a pilgrimage to South Africa.  She spent about 10 days roaming through the country, going on safari, taking in the beauty of Cape Town and Pretoria…her trip sounded amazing.  So what does it say about me that one of the things that I was most excited about, as she recalled her experience, was her culinary journey through South Africa? 

I guess it says that I am a foodie. 

My mother started it!  I was fortunate enough to get a phone call from her while she was on holiday (I’ve wanted to say that) and I got excited when I heard her say “the food in South Africa is amazing, we’ve been eating our way through this trip!” 

Call me an ignorant American or be a bit more gentle and say that I’m not as well-traveled as me mum (I occasionally like to have a British accent as well), but when I think of South Africa I just don’t think of hearty meals.  I don’t think of food at all really.  I think of beautiful scenery.  I think of Nelson Mandela and I think of a rich history full of turmoil and triumph.  But I must say, when my mother said that the food was amazing I could not wait for her to get back home and share her experience with me in photos.

My mother did indeed do a nice job of capturing her experience.  I saw the amazing scenery from Kruger National Park…hippos, giraffes, elephants – oh my!  Her hotel accommodations were very nice.  The pictures of the bustling metropolis of Pretoria and the beautiful coast line in Cape Town were breathtaking. 

DS Download:  My mother had an unforgettable experience; however, there was not one photo that captured these “amazing meals” that she spoke of.  I kept waiting for one of her meals to come up on the screen, but it never happened.  I was actually at work yesterday thinking that I needed to call my mother and have a serious conversation about the importance of capturing the entire experience.  Enjoying a beautiful meal in a foreign country is a part of experiencing that country’s culture.  It is just as important as capturing images of scenery and of the people.  My mother definitely made up for it by bringing back some cool tokens from her trip…earrings, glasses, and a vuvuzela – which I am in love with.  For those of you that don’t know what a vuvuzela is it’s the “instrument” that is used at soccer games that creates that intense buzzing noise that makes the game so hard to watch (for me at least, see image below).

Although my mother did not take her own culinary photos I was determined to dig some up, so here goes…if this is what South African cuisine is like – I must go there!!!  – Enjoy



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