Night and Day

On May first one of my very best friends in the world, the then Dana Ford – now Mrs. Dana Greene, married the love of her life.  Needless to say it was a beautiful day.  Dana and Mike were surrounded by a village of family and friends that were eager to witness their profession of love for each other – in front of God and in front of the people that love them the most. 

In the pictures that I’ve shared above you see Dana and Mike smiling and getting into the wedding party’s performance of Ray Charles’s Night Time is the Right Time…yes, not only do you have to foot the bill for a wedding you also have to literally entertain your guests nowadays!!! – But I digress…

All of our smiling faces are evidence of the fact that the performance was fun and it was a hit with the crowd, but more importantly Ray Charles’s lyrics were appropriate and right on time.  It was a treat to be Dana’s Maid of Honor because I knew I was standing by her side as she married the man that she had loved night and day for the extent of their courtship. 

Over the years I’ve seen Dana and Mike work together as a real team – loving each other, laughing and dancing together, and most importantly appreciating each other every step of the way – every night and day.   

I wanted to write this post not only to express my love for Dana and Mike – Dr. and Mrs. Greene!!!! – but to also express the importance of loving and/or appreciating the significant other in your life every day and every night…perhaps you’re not ready for “love” yet but appreciating the person in your life that cares about you is deciding to live in a state of grace.  It is signaling to the universe that you appreciate your companion and that you’re thankful that the stars aligned and you met the person that just might be for you.

Listen, I completely understand that we’re not meant to love and appreciate every single person that comes into our life.  If you live long enough there will be several people that you date and eventually you’ll realize that although a person might be cool, they might not be the one for you.  Like the saying goes, people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime…in this post I’m speaking specifically to the people that are in a relationship with a person that they like/love, they’ve got a mutual something going on that feels real and they’ve got a feeling that this person might be the one that’s staying on for a lifetime and I’m saying – don’t take that person for granted.  Having someone in your life that you care about, that also cares for you is a blessing.

Nothing is bothering me more these days than people that I once knew to be single and quite frankly lonely, stumbling upon a relationship in which they find themselves to be happy but choosing to take their significant other for granted…complaining about small things and just being generally unappreciative.  Sometimes small arguments are unavoidable…and I understand that we’re only human, but as best we can, we should make a conscious effort to love the people we’ve invited into our life night and day.

– Much love…have an amazing memorial day weekend!


One thought on “Night and Day

  1. Loving someone night and day is best! Having someone love you night and day is even better! It’s so cliche to say that was one of the best days of my life, but it really was…actually the entire process of getting married was AWESOME (the planning, finding a dress, the parties just for you, friends and family being there to share the moment and telling you how beautiful you are, people you don’t even know congratulating you and wishing you the best, looking at great pictures afterwards, opening the gifts, the honeymoon). I could go on and on…it was really the best few months of my life; I’ve totally forgotten about all of the stress that planning a wedding brings. I wish everyone I know the same great experience in life and I can’t wait to see who’s next! 🙂

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