Dear toes, the wait is over.

It’s been a while since I’ve written…I guess a two week break turned into a two month break.  It’s funny how that happens, how one can have perfectly good intentions and still end up getting off track and on to some unintended tangent.  The good news is that there’s always the opportunity to change course. 

In anticipation of the lovely 80 degree weather that the Washington DC area is expecting this weekend, I’ve decided to change course as well.  What is this new direction I plan to take you ask?  Perhaps a major life decision or some earth shattering personal epiphany that will help me forge a new course in life??

I’ve made the decision to wear sandals this weekend, actually I started today. 

Yes, my toes are out and it’s only April 2nd…this is a big deal.  Ever since I can remember I had a hard and fast rule about when it was okay to break out the sandals and expose the toes.  For some reason the date that was set in stone was May 1st.  This date had nothing to do with the weather or what I was feeling; it was all about having a rule.  May 1st meant that we’d made it through the dreary month of April and we were right on the verge of June…May 1st was the safe date. 

Growing up, May was the time when you could count on it to be warm.  But things have changed recently…no longer can I count on May to bring the sun and the warm weather…and no longer can I count on summer to be filled with beautiful sunny days.  In one of the more recent summers that I can remember it rained almost every other weekend.  Weather patterns all around the world are changing, so I thought to myself, why shouldn’t I change?  This is real change.  Maybe not the “change we can believe in” type of change, but change all the same. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone – whether it be a big step or a baby step – is a step in the right direction.  I’m certain my toes will enjoy.

Here’s to trying something new, stepping on to bigger and better things, and to soaking up a beautiful 80 degree weekend!

– Cheers