The Kindle, Book Reading Made Easy

If you haven’t heard about The Kindle yet, maybe you’ve seen it.  Perhaps you’ve been to a bar recently where you’ve sat next to someone who was attentively reading an electronic tablet the size of a small notebook; I was sitting next to a Kindler this week and I thought to myself – really?

Was lugging around a book too cumbersome?  Was having to ear mark pages such a nuisance?  Was the schlep to Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million to great a journey? 

Was it REALLY necessary to make reading a book easier or more convenient?

The Kindle is yet another device that is dooming a means of artistic expression.  Not only will cover artists lose out if The Kindle trend takes off but human beings will lose out too.  We will lose one of the very small ways that we express who we are, what we’re looking for, or what we wish to get lost in.  The books we carry around – on the train, on the beach, in a restaurant – give insight into who we are. 

Perhaps I’m just nosy, but soon we won’t be able to judge (in the most non-judgey sense of the word) people by their book covers.   Instead we’ll find ourselves on the train/bus/beach staring at the back of someone’s Kindle – that is going to be sad. 

It’s sad that in a couple of years books as we know them might go away, replaced by these gadgets that don’t evoke any emotion.  I remember living in New York City riding the train to work every day and observing the books that fellow passengers held in their hand.  There were the New York Times bestseller readers and the Oprah book club followers – these people were members of book tribes.  I loved seeing the trends in books…just as you can pretty much guarantee that three out of every five women bought leggings and slouchy boots this season, there was a time when you could guarantee that three out of five people would be reading A Million Little Pieces, Eat Pray Love, or Angels & Demons

DS Download:  Books are beautiful accessories that aren’t just for reading.  They’re for expressing who we are, they decorate rooms, adorn coffee tables, and physically convey rich history.  I see The Kindle as a threat to all of that.  I’m taking a stand against “easiness”…yes it’s nice for some things to come easy like love and friendship etc, but I don’t need my book reading to be made any easier.  So whoever is out there thinking of an easier way to open a door, or put on lip gloss – I say, no thank you.


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