IM – Instant Moral (support)

I just found out that one of my dearest friends will not have the use of IM anymore.  Not to say that we spent an exorbitant amount of time during work hours on IM, but it was nice to know she was there. 

We gave each other moral support throughout the day with the occasional “keep your head up” or “relax, relate, release,” and then there were the importance of establishing emotional boundaries conversations…sometimes we even caught up on each other’s love lives.  I would ask about her beau, she would ask about mine, and so on and so forth.

I didn’t find out that she would be inaccessible via IM until this morning.  I noticed for the past couple of days that I hadn’t seen her name on my buddy list…mysteriously I’d seen her on Facebook, but only briefly (I tried to IM her of Facebook but of course, as soon as I sent the message she had signed off – I hate it when that happens!  But I think I hate the Mafia War updates more). 

After she was M.I.A for a couple of days I finally had to take it back to the old days and pick up the phone and call, it was time to get the T (T=story). 

DS Download:  It turns out my friend’s job function has changed and field assignments will mean that she won’t be at her desk as much anymore.  We’ll get past this…we will…but it sucks knowing that she won’t be there to chuckle at a joke, or lend quick moral support from my buddy list.  I guess if we want to catch up now we’ll be required to make time to catch up over the phone. 

Making time to catch up over the phone might not be so bad.  We’ve all read articles about the fact that relying on digital mediums to connect has actually served to isolate us a bit more – granted we have Facebook, BBM, LinkedIn, AOL IM etc but a good phone call with a friend is good for the soul.  Hearing someone’s voice makes all of the difference in the world; you can hear pure joy or detect signs of despair…taking the time to call means that you really care.  It only requires time, and aren’t our real friends worth that?

Let’s make 2010 the year of the phone call…I’ll toast to that.

2 thoughts on “IM – Instant Moral (support)

  1. It might end up actually strengthening your relationship. You’d be surprised how easy we can allow the interaction of our relationships with both friends AND even family to become digitally deluted. It used to be that we would call and leave a message on an answering machine or voicemail. Then we just paged someone. Then caller ID arrived, and we figured we didn’t need to leave a message anymore…they’d just see our number in their phone. Then came IM and texting, so we didn’t have to actually speak to the person. Now we’ve got Facebook “comments.” Next thing you know we’ll just drive by the person’s house once or twice a year and honk just to let them know we’re still kicking…

    Let’s make 2010 the year of the phone call AND the friggin’ message. Like you said, them hearing your voice can make all the difference in someone’s darkest instant moral moments. And even if you know the person isn’t available when you call, just leave them a message. Is it really that difficult?


    The revolution WILL NOT BE TWITTERED (or twitted…or whatever the heck ever-itted!) LOL!

  2. Great post. I am so late. I miss the laughs and updates and the last few opportunites of IM support remind me how much I miss IM. On the other hand I also know that the dymanic of the friendship will not change. Just have to make this the year of the phone. 22 ps told me that I smelled good today…lol…a throwback for old times sake.

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