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I’m not sure why I’ve got the sudden urge to get a tattoo.  Perhaps it’s a longing for spontaneity or the need for something different but does it even need to be that deep?  Maybe I just want one.  I’ve drawn up a couple of designs and each has a sentimental meaning…I also thought about just getting a couple of small dots.  I think I ruled out the dots after googling “dot tattoos” and coming up with a list of results that connected dot tattoos with prison gang affiliation!

There’s a level of bad-assness that I associate with getting a tattoo.  It’s daring.  It’s carefree.  It’s fearless.  Therefore I wonder if someone such as myself can get one.  Not that I feel as though I’m not daring/carefree/fearless but does the fact that I’m doing all of this online research and vacillating over this decision make me to much of a non-badass worrier to get one? 

Most tattoo stories seem to involve some level of whimsy; maybe I’m scared that my tattoo story would be the lamest story out.  I imagine myself saying telling some stranger “after much fore thought, careful consideration, and research via google I came to this design because of….”  I guess I could make up a badass story to tell strangers.

I’m also slightly scared of what my Dad will say.  It’s not that I’m not afraid of my mother it’s just that she’s become more and more resolved that I will make my own decisions in life and that I will have to live with those decisions. 

I’ll never forget what my Dad said to me when I told him that I got a belly ring:

 Me                  Dad I got a belly ring
 My Dad         Why?
 Me                  Because I wanted to do something exciting
 My Dad        Well why not just walk out in the middle of the street and sh*t on yourself?
 Me                 Silence and confusion

What did getting a belly ring have to do with me hypothetically crapping my pants??…ahh, my old man.  I can only imagine what he’ll say about a tattoo – BUT he did brand himself with his fraternity’s shield when he was younger so I’m not that worried. 

DS Download:  The question that weighs on me most heavily is what will I want to live with for the rest of my life?  But that is also the question that puzzles me the most – how in the world at 30 do I know what I will want for the rest of my life? and why do I have to know?  Only the creator knows how long my life will be so why spend any time being scared of being scared? 

We all want certain things for ourselves and what I would most like is to be fearless.  I have forced myself to be fearless before so why not do it now.  I think this quote sums up my feelings “each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Getting a tattoo would be about accepting a certain loss of control in life and veering off of an expected path.  It would be a constant reminder to stay true to being at peace and looking for peace in all situations…I’ll keep you posted! 

If you’re reading this and you have a tattoo, why did you get one?  How was your experience?  Any regrets?


6 thoughts on “DC Ink

  1. Not that I am anticipating this happening but tattoes make people identifyable very easily in SEX Tapes. Hahahahah
    (Insert blank stare here)

  2. I got my first tattoo (and second; it was at the same time and they are not far apart) when I was 32 – the yin and yang symbol and Chinese letters meaning ‘God and Family’. The next came a little over a year later – it’s a decorative band around my arm with a little meaning within. I also purchased my first motorcycle, a crotch rocket, just before I turned 30. I don’t “do” regrets, but like you, I always weigh the pros and cons before jumping in. Additionally, my father hates tattoos and my mother hates the bike. So, from one parent pleaser to the next, I highly recommend that you do it. I can sense that you really want to…just keep it classy and original!

  3. Hey Swirls! Missed you at dinner ; )

    Tattoo Story

    I swear I had not been in Atlanta for more than a hot second – two weeks, at the MOST!! – before I had a tung ring AND a tattoo. Why? Well I was care free, an adult, off on my own and wanted physical proof touting my independence.

    May tattoo is on the right side of my lower back; it’s a chinese symbol of “Elegance”. I cannot read chinese, so I had to take the typical looking tattoo artist’s word for it – he was not a chinese reader either. Anyway, my mother has always known I love to flex my independence and break any rule I can, so with that the conversation always centered around, “If you get a tattoo, make sure you can’t see it in your wedding dress.”

    This was the rule I lived by, and thank God I didn’t buck this one. 13 years later, I have a tattoo I never see, looks sexy to me when I catch a quick glimpse of it in the mirror and is one of my stamps of secret defiance.

    I have been caught off guard only once: As a kindergarden teacher, I was on the floor, binding over, crawling around and once a student said, “Ms. LeCesne, you have a TATTOO!!!!” Yes, Ms. LeCesne does have a tattoo, and who would be the wiser : )

    Go for it!

  4. ……”Well why not just walk out in the middle of the street and sh*t on yourself?”

    Another literal laugh out load moment! Thanks Papa Ricks 🙂

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