Grab Bag

I took a stand this Christmas and I made an affirmation that this would be the beginning of my commitment to never again play the grab bag game.  You might not recognize this game by name.  Perhaps the well-meaning people that you work with call it something else, but most likely you’ve played this game. 

During the holiday season in many offices across the country co-workers gather to exchange gifts but it’s not a regular gift exchange, it’s a gift exchange with a clever twist – everyone picks a number (the person with the lowest number picks the first gift, the person with the highest goes last), all watch as one-by-one each person opens their gift.  The clever twist is that someone with a higher number can take any gift that has already been opened, choosing to either steal someone’s gift or pick a wrapped gift.

The first time I participated in the grab bag gift exchange my mind was BLOWN.  I couldn’t believe that people would get entertainment out of watching someone find joy in a gift, only to then watch as the gift was taken right out of their hands.  Really the game is just about as fun as stubbing one’s toe. 

I can think of a lot of games that people played when I was younger that were fun to them but ridiculous to me.  A game called Smacksies from College comes to mind.  This was a particularly obnoxious game, here’s how it worked:  you had food in your hand, a guy would come up and smack the food out of your hand, and as you looked at your ice cream cone/drink/fries on the ground they would yell SMACKSIES at you. 

Lots of fun.  Definitely as much fun, if not more fun than grab bag.

DS Download:  As 2009 comes to an end my commitment to end grab bag isn’t the only resolution I’m making – oh no, for 2010 I’ve got some serious things on my agenda…things that I’ve been pondering for quite some time. 

2010 will be the year that I stop stealing my father’s socks.  I will stop “shopping” for toilet paper and a paper towels at my parents house.  I will do a better job of budgeting.  I will continue to try to be a better human being.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “Grab Bag

  1. That smacksies made me laugh out loud!! Sounds fun to do but not to receive! Just as the grab bag game is to me…

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