Mystique and the Mustached Man

First, I must disclose that when it comes to talking about mustached men I am a bit biased; my first true love was a mustached man.  I made his eyes light up, and he even named his boat after me – that mustached man is my Dad. 

Lately there’s been a lot of scuttle butt about mustaches…there’s everything from the kitsch of the American Mustache Institute to the formidable hullabaloo over Mariah Carey’s game-changing mustached performance in Precious.  It’s clear that from kitsch to mustache as game-changer, the mustache is a force to be reckoned with.  But why is that?  Why does that patch of hair above the lip give a man (and sometimes a woman, in MC’s case) a certain mystique?  

As I watched my father working in the yard last weekend, and thought about all of the other mustached men in my life (grandfathers, uncles, friends) I came upon the thought that maybe it’s because the mustached man is a chosen man – the man can’t choose the mustache.  Try as he (or she) may, it’s obvious when a man can’t pull off a stache.  There are some men that can wear the hell out of a mustache, think Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, Tom Selek in Three Men and A Baby, and WHO can forget Billy D Williams in Mahogany (fiyah!).  Yes, many may try to grow the stache, but only a few can wear it and make it look amazing.


DS Download:  When I think about the mustached men in my family I think of the independent minded, witty and sometimes disagreeable, free-spirited, garage-loving, no direction following, family loving, yard-work-doing, car-wash loving, loyal, and ultimately tender-hearted men behind those mustaches. 



(first pic, me and my old man (check out the stache!), second pic my maternal grandfather (left) not only does he have a mean stache but he’s also rockin the cowboy hat, and my mom (notice the fabulous farrah that she’s giving!)

One of the things I remember most was the coup that occurred when one of my uncles  shaved his mustache in the early 90’s; the specter of his bare face brought shock and awe to the family.  Ultimately he grew his mustache back and we were a happier family because of it…the mustache as healer. 

The chosen few that are given the power to handsomely rock a stache should wear it like a badge of honor, recognizing the inherent power in it.  Ultimately, to reject one’s mustache is to reject ones natural place in the universe.  The man that can wear a mustache is more handsome and distinguished because of it. 


(dad and mom, young and in love – perhaps the mustache helped seal the deal???)

Am I saying that a bare-faced man can’t have or be all of the things that a mustached man can be – of course not, but if you can maneuver this lifetime while boldly displaying a patch of hair above your lip, then why not be a bad-ass and go for it???

team stache

Here’s to the mustache, and the bold and handsome men behind them!


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