The 30 and Over Club and My Home By the Sea

Upon turning 30 I made a vow that I would never seek or accept the 30 and Over Club Card.  For those of you that aren’t in the Washington DC area, the 30 and over Club Card is an actual card that 102.3 awards to listeners that gives them “perks” in the city. 

I’m always amused by the people that call in with the hopes they will get their card…I think to myself, are these people really that excited to be being inducted into the 30 and over club?? 

Being 30 definitely has its perks, and I’m sure my parents would have said the same thing about turning 50 – but I can guarantee that they wouldn’t have been calling into a radio station and waiting in cue to announce to the entire listening audience that it was their time to receive the 50 and over AARP card.

I’m of the mind frame that the 30 and over club shouldn’t necessarily be a literal club.  The fact that one is 30 and over automatically puts them in a club of sorts, without even electing membership. 

In fact, it turns out that this weekend I attended a 30 and over club party and I didn’t even have a card…sweet.  It was quite a revelation when I found out that I was at the 30 and over party, and how did I find out that I was at the 30 and over party you ask – because a 22 year old pointed it out.  Here’s how I was told that the conversation went, true story….

Setting:  Hampton University Homecoming
Date:  Saturday, October 24
Good looking man (class of 99 graduate) says to pretty 20-something:  “Hey, what party are you going to tonight?”
Good looking 20 something says to good looking class of 99 graduate:  “Not sure, there are a lot of options, what party are you going to?”
Good looking class of 99 graduate says to pretty 20-something:  “I think I’m going to the party at Fusion”
Good looking 20 something says to good looking class of 99 graduate:  “Isn’t that the 30 and over party???”

I was told that the good looking class of 99 graduate was so caught off guard by the young woman’s statement that he was at a loss for words…so there you have it – both he and I were going to the 30 and over party and not only were we un-aware of this, but we didn’t even need a card to enter. 

DS Download:  I was that young woman once…in fact, I’m pretty sure that I may have said the exact same thing to a 30-something that was spitting game to me at homecoming.  So the fact that the tables have turned and I am now the 30-something is hilarious. 

I have to say that the 30 and over club is hot.  It was amazing to go back to homecoming and see so many of the faces that I remember.  The party at Fusion was like stepping into a time machine.  It’s a given that many of us couldn’t recall each others names, but I dare say that we all remember each others faces – beautiful faces, that for the most part have not changed. 

It’s amazing how being back on the yard can take you to a time and place when you were young and carefree, knowing that the only thing you had to worry about was the next exam or whether or not the sorority or fraternity of your choice was going to have a line that year – and at the time, those worries felt so real.

We were there to celebrate our Hampton experience, and express our gratitude for what our Home by the Sea gave us.  Granted, many of us got grief from the administration, but if you actually look at the bonds that Hampton gave us, there is so much to be grateful for. 

Hampton gave us our life long friends; it gave us our nieces and nephews, our god sons and daughters, and it gave us a place where we could come of age with an amazing group of people that we will forever have a connection with.  These connections allow us to rejoice in our classmates successes, and feel pain in our classmate’s tragedies. 

This was a bittersweet homecoming as many of us found out on Friday that one of our classmates – Dr. Ed Antoine – passed away.  Ed, you will be dearly missed by all that knew you and loved you.  You can rest assured that you will never be forgotten and that your Hampton family will continue to celebrate your life and legacy…wherever there are Hamptonians, raising a glass or giving each other a warm embrace, you will be there with us.

4 thoughts on “The 30 and Over Club and My Home By the Sea

  1. Love this one! Yes, we were at the 30+ party, and I wouldnt have wanted it any other way…there were the people who shaped our hampton experience and it was such a great walk down memory lane….in ten yrs, I look forward to being the “oldhead” at the 40+ party if it means I can see the same faces as Fusion last sat….We went IN on saturday, FUN!

  2. This is so true. My cousin, who also attended Hampton but started in 1999, came to homecoming and had another experience. One that wasn’t so fun (according to her). She is too old to hang with the 21 year olds and I guess to young to hang with the 30 crew. I, however, had a ball. You are right, it felt so naturaul to be back on the yard with all those familiar faces. The exciting part was that everyone is doing so well and looking better than those 21 yr olds :). As well it was bittersweet, Ed was the life of the party. It definitely reminds us to live life to the fullest and cherish the memories that we have all shared. RIP Ed Antione.

    BTW – Your blog is always on point. I really Enjoy it. Hampton Hugs….

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