The Old Switch-er-oo

Recently I pulled the old switcheroo on myself…in a dream.  So, I’m in and out of sleep when I have this dream that I purchased the Blueprint 3 CD – only to get home and pull the CD out of the bag to find that it has morphed into the Sasha Fierce album.  What the hell??  In my dream I remember being determined to get the new Jay-Z album, so why the switcheroo to Sasha Fierce?

This dream definitely messed with my head a bit.  Ever since Jay-Z’s performance at the MTV music awards I’ve been telling myself that I need to get the Blueprint 3 album, so imagine my dismay when in my dream, despite my best efforts, I end up getting Sasha Fierce.  I guess that my sub conscious self believes that the Single Ladies performance trumped Jay-Z’s performance, and no matter how much I think I want the Jay-Z album I’m really all about a fierce leotard and some stilettos while singing Shoulda Put a Ring On It.

DS Download:  I actually awoke from my sleep saddened that I’d pulled the old switcheroo on myself.  I wasn’t sure if I had awoken from a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…wait for it… I guess I’ll have to go buy the album in real life – ugh.

The sad part is that I don’t even know where to go by albums anymore.  I said this recently and a friend told me “go buy it at Target.” 

Please don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Target, but something about buying the Blueprint 3 album at Target seems soft.  It seems analogous to purchasing a vintage t-shirt at J Crew, or paying for a class on learning the art of graffiti that includes a special tour of the best locations in the city to display your work.  Perhaps that seems ridiculous, but those are just my thoughts – just what I was feeling at the time.


2 thoughts on “The Old Switch-er-oo

  1. Do you own the Sasha Fierce album? Jay-Z and Beyonce are married, and both are leading figures of their generation in the music entertainment industry. Maybe your subconscious feels guilt for supporting Jay-Z without also supporting Beyonce by buying her album, too. Just a thought…

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