So Real f/C. Ricks

What’s real is putting yourself out there and taking a chance – even if you fail miserably.  As my old man says, nothing beats a failure but a good try.  Click on the video and you’ll hear a track that I “layed down” with DJ Fatha Julz.  Not only is the song a DJ Fatha Julz production, he also put together the compilation of runway looks – 153 of his favorite looks from 49 shows in 10 minutes.

DJ Fatha Julz  you’re going BIG places – you 100% inspire me…and i truly believe that inspiration is a major part of what we’re all looking for!


Insanity or Resilience?

Recently I’ve had several conversations with people who are in the midst of relationship problems, in the process of getting past a relationship that they’ve tried to make work, or simply trying to get over that “one” person they can’t seem to shake from memory.  It seems that the common theme with many is wanting what they seemingly can’t have.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results…as it relates to wanting what we can’t or shouldn’t have, the definition of insanity has been flicking on and off in my mind. 

Most likely we’re all familiar with the definition of insanity, but it doesn’t really sink in until you find yourself in some sort of “insane” pattern – that is, finding yourself in a pattern that you can’t seem to break with an individual.  I’m so very curious about these patterns – why do we so often find ourselves in the pursuit of what is so clearly feudal to the majority of people, but so very real to us?     

Perhaps there’s conflict because in the very same breath that we were given the definition of insanity, we were told that if at first you don’t succeed to try, try again…to add insult to injury, we were also told the story of the road less traveled – you know the story…I believe it was Robert Frost who wrote that he’d taken the road less traveled, and that had made all of the difference in the world. 

Maybe taking the road less traveled isn’t the same as doing the same thing over, and over again – but taking the road less traveled and repeating the same actions over and over speak to some level of resilience…doesn’t it?  They both speak to the determination to NOT take the easier path…because, as they say, nothing worth having is easy.

DS Download:  There’s that constant drive in us to get what we want, and how dare we give up on what we want – isn’t that un-American?  Perhaps, at the end of the day, after all of the sayings about insanity, what’s worth having, and the road less traveled, Kenny Rogers said it best when he said you gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em

At this moment I’m tempted to say – damn the sayings and the American ethos to be triumphant in the face of ones obstacles…I guess it all comes down to the person, the place, and the timing of a situation.  Hopefully our instincts will tell us how long we should fight, and they will tug at as when it’s time to walk away. 

We’re given no instruction manual for living this life and with that we are bound to have hiccups.  I guess the wish is that we won’t waste too much time in the figuring out, leaving plenty of time for us to prosper from the lessons learned from our missteps.  Here’s to the journey, and the safe and sane arrival on the other side.

Hello, my name is Christina, and I still own a VCR

warning:  the following consists of a digital rant that borders on the ridiculous, but that’s ok.  all references made herewith are true.

So I’m sitting in a coffee shop, having a conversation with a gentleman friend when the barista overhears me say that I still have a VCR…the barista immediately gasps, breaks out in laughter and asks me if I still get into Beta/VHS arguments with my friends.  I looked at him and was puzzled – of course I don’t, none of my friends have VCR’s…but if they did, I would, and VHS would definitely win!

Does the fact that I still have a VCR (actually, it’s a dvd/vcr player) make me peculiar, or practical?  What about the fact that I still have a cassette player in my car and that I had the cassette player “specially” installed when I got my car (99/00 model)? 

I think that these things make me practical – a bit eccentric, perhaps, but mostly practical.  I mean, what if I want to watch my spring 2000 probate tape?  Or, what if I want to listen to the 2pac mix tape that I made for myself when I was in college?  I’m just supposed to give up that option?? 

All of this new fangled technology is to much to keep up with; take MP3 players…I spent three to four years building up a substantial music library on my iPod – most of you can attest to the fact that that process takes TIME…so I build up this library, all of a sudden my computer stops working and I get a laptop and there is NO easy way for me to transfer my music library from the old computer to the new, go figure. 

What the hell?  MP3s and other “advanced technology” are supposed to make my life easier, not boss me around.  What do I mean by being bossed?  One of my girlfriends was telling me how I could transfer my library, and I think my eyes glazed over after she said I could copy all 2,000 songs onto CD’s, and then physically put those songs on my new computer…and then blah blah blah blah blah! 

Enough of this nonsense.  I work all week, and the last thing I want to do is spend my time transferring music from one computer to the other.  It’s ok, I guess my iPod’s “new” music selection will stop at the Blueprint 2, and “Throw Some D’s on that B*tch”

DS Download:    I think my strong commitment to the VCR and the cassette player speak to my sound judgment and my ability to not hop on any fly by night trend…OR it makes me a dinosaur – BUT who’s judging???  I’m so glad this is a judgment free zone.

In all seriousness – aren’t some “technological” advances ridiculous?  Is there REALLY any use for Blu-ray?  Can you imagine the perfectionist that was sitting around, watching a movie and thinking…this movie would be so much more enjoyable if it was clearer…and people would be so thankful for a clearer picture (because the old ones were just SO deplorable <insert sarcasm here>) that they would abandon DVD’s and jump ship to Blu-ray. 

 Blu-ray can kick rocks.

I’m not a turn coat.  I won’t turn my back on something that’s been loyal to me for some flash in the pan technology, that’s just un-American (lol), and Blu-ray is too close to Blue Tooth in nomenclature, and I loathe Blue Tooth.

No, I won’t be turning my back on VHS, or the cassette player until I’m forced.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that when I purchase my next car I won’t have the option of installing a tape player, but at least the tape player will know that I was there util the very end.