As of late, I am most impressed with surprises.  Not the literal kind that you experience when a group of your friends have been hiding behind tables and couches waiting to scream SURPRISE at you, but the kind of surprise that you experience when you surprise yourself.

I never knew that I was that into surprises but I remember the first time I shocked myself and it was an adrenaline rush.  My latest surprise came this weekend and I have my friends Genevieve (Genny) and Jack (twins) to thank for this – surprise, I’m a baker!…kind of.

Leading up to Genny & Jack’s 30th birthday party I talked myself out of making their birthday cake several times…there was the real possibility of failure, who wants to mess up a 30th birthday cake?  There’s the fact that I don’t like pressure…there’s the fact that Jack is a vegan and he does not eat any dairy products…even given all of the facts, I wanted to go out on a limb.

I was in the grocery store about to cross the point of no return – the decision needed to be made to place the cake order OR buy all of the ingredients to make the cake that I pictured in my head…I bought the ingredients; baked the cake Friday night, finished the cake Saturday afternoon, and served it up at the party on Saturday evening.  The cake went over well.  I think that the birthday girl enjoyed it, and the birthday boy admired it.  My goal was to make a cake that was made with lots of love…mission accomplished. 

(video courtesy of Lifestyle Editor & Link Curator Christopher Johnson/A.K.A Pisa Lean Onassis)

DS Download:  I think that the people you care most about make you want to step outside of your comfort zone; they’re constantly challenging you – directly and indirectly – to be better, and in trying to be better there’s the real possibility of surprising yourself.  SO, am I a better person because I baked a cake, maybe not…am I a better person for trying, maybe.

Thanks Genny and Jack.  Happy 30th birthday!  Here’s to many more birthdays and surprises along the way.


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