Tis the Season

It’s wedding season, and my last two weekends have consisted of back to back weddings.  I look forward to weddings, not just because of the promise of booze, and dancing, but more importantly there’s the promise of a new beginning.

Watching two people place their faith in each other, and god, while taking vows to spend a lifetime loving each other is absolutely amazing.  None of us can truly understand the concept of loving someone for a lifetime, but by making the commitment to do so it seems that a couple is stepping out on faith and asserting their commitment to never stop trying.  If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

For those of us that are single, if we look back at the relationships that did not work out, it’s probably safe to say that many of them did not work out because there was a lack of inspiration there…meaning, there was a lack of inspiration to be a better person for your mate, to grow, commit, step out of your comfort zone etc. 

People that we truly love make us want to be better people; they make us want to try harder.  At the wedding I attended last Saturday, the father of bride told the newlyweds that they should never, under any circumstances, tire of “winning” each other.  He explained that the palpable energy that could be felt in the very beginning of the relationship – to be romantic, to be flexible to each other’s needs, and nurturing of the other’s feelings – was something to be cultivated over a lifetime…an exercise in never letting the flame extinguish. 

DS Download:  I saw the flame in the relationship that both sets of my grandparents had, and I see the flame in my parent’s relationship.  Perhaps over a 35 year span the flame is not white hot (I don’t think any child wants to imagine their parents having a white hot flame) but it definitely appears to be orange with flecks of white and stronger than ever. 

I guess love is about the little things…my father still buys roses for my mother, and my mother,  now that she’s retired, has started packing my dad’s lunch…I guess, the one time that my dad got to work and discovered that my mother had eaten some of his lunch was my mom’s way of saying that love is also about the element of surprise :-)…here’s to surprises!

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