Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles is one of the movies that shaped my thoughts on what love would be like. 

I totally imagined that the most beautiful man in school – Jake Ryan –  would break up with his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend for me and pursue me to no end…so much so, that he would follow me to my sister’s wedding, wait outside of the wedding for me, while leaning on his hot red car, and it wouldn’t stop there.  After waiting patiently for me, he would take me back to his place (or, in the case of Sixteen candles, his parents place), where we would sit on a glass table and lean towards each other (over my birthday cake) until our lips met. 

And of course, just as we kissed The Thompson Twins’ “If You Were Here” would start playing on cue.

16 Candles

If it sounds corny to you, you just haven’t seen the last scene of the movie…click here to check it out

The classic John Hughes movies translate well beyond their time.  Though I was not a teenager when classics like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out, when I came of age they completely captured the feeling of living in that space – being young, and awkward, feeling rebellious and ready to take on your parents and the world.  I could relate to those characters. 

DS Download:  I am grateful that John created those beautifully complicated worlds for me to live in, even if it was only for less than two hours.  

My belief in love, and all the magic and angst that comes with it can be directly attributed to some of his classic films…every red blooded American girl believes that her Jake Ryan will be outside leaning on a hot red car, at some point (lol) – I thank John Hughes for making me believe, and look forward to the unexpected!

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