Chicken Wings and the Sophisticated Lady

I don’t know what it is about chicken wings but I just absolutely love good wings.  If I weren’t concerned about the fat content I would eat chicken wings at least twice a week. 

Wings are typically thought of as a man’s meal…but I’m here to tell you that you do not choose wings, they choose you.  You either have the gift of enjoying/appreciating a chicken wing or you don’t.  You know the people that I’m talking about – the people that eat a wing like string cheese…picking a few pieces of chicken off the bone and then they’re done.  I don’t understand these people, but I do know and love these people.

Shock would be the word that I would use to describe the look on some people’s face when they’ve seen me eat a chicken wing.  They don’t understand why I feel the need to thoroughly devour a wing…I guess I look at a wing as a sacrifice, meaning that some chicken has given its wing so that I might eat…the gospel bird, if you will.

DS Download:  In all seriousness, I can trace my love of chicken wings back to my Uncle Tony.  I clearly remember being eight or nine years old at a holiday get together with my Uncle, when he spotted a young girl, about my age picking at a wing and ultimately leaving it untouched.  I saw immediate outrage on his face!  My uncle, then proceeded to lead me through a George Costanza like tirade about the importance of eating a wing, and how, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was I to leave chicken on a bone!  Being the hard core wing eater that he is, he also tried to sell me on sucking the marrow from the bone…but that was where I drew the line. 

I’m not sure if my uncle knew that his wing tirade would cement my love for wings, and create a life long commitment to not leaving meat on the bone.  Thanks to my uncle I have been in situations where I have devoured my wings, while my male counterpart has pecked at his wing like a baby chick.  More than once, while eating wings, I’ve received a stare from an onlooker that said you’ve changed…but that’s okay, when I am eating a chicken wing, my love for them and the history that we (me and the wing) have allows me to step outside of myself and enjoy the moment 🙂

The men in my family have definitely made an impression on the woman that I am today and I think that’s a beautiful thing!  Thanks to the men in my family I have an undying love for The Godfather part I and II, a belief that If given the tools I can be pretty handy, and most importantly, enough comfort in my own skin to devour a chicken wing – in public – and not give a hell…cheers!

The Best Wings in Washington DC:  Clydes, Evolve, and Old Ebbit Grill.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Wings and the Sophisticated Lady

  1. Now I understand your fascination with wings. You couldnt get enough at the cookout. Im so mad at this blog post. LOL!

  2. LMAO@the Gospel Bird. Girl you are a NUT!

    I had those same situations with uncles and even my oldest brother hassling me about leaving meat on the bone. As a former-pecker at best (trying vegetarian for a while now) I will remember this the next time I pick up a wing. And in your honor I just may crack that bone………………….nah…I aint dealing with the marrow either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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