My Thoughts on Michael

I’m a little late to the party, but I think I’m finally ready to talk about Michael.  There’s been a lot said about Michael since his death, as I’m writing this I’m listening to what E Entertainment has got to say about his life.  We all know this story – the story of a young innocent and talented boy who rose to unparalleled stardom. 

In the weeks since Michael’s death every pundit or network television show has dissected his life.  I choose to remember what Michael meant to me. 

My clearest memory of Michael goes back to the album Thriller, specifically the video Thriller.  There are not many crystal clear memories that I have as far back as age four or five, but sitting in front of our old school television (the kind that had no remote, with the pop in and pop out buttons) with my father as I watched the Thriller video is a memory that has stayed with me.  I remember my father sitting on the chair behind me as I timidly watched the theatrics unfold…it was absolutely amazing, a young and beautiful black couple leaving a movie theater, walking into the night when suddenly Michael and crew turned into the walking dead.  As a young child these images were captivating.  

DS Download:  The memory is less about Michael and more about the fact that my psyche happened to capture that moment in time – and at that moment Michael happened to be present.  I think that was what Michael was like for so many people, for the longest time he was a part of the back drop of our lives, providing a soundtrack that moved us and  a foundation for truly understanding what good music was.

I’m not sure exactly what made my Michael memory so special…perhaps it was the first time I remember my father telling me that I had to make a decision.  I clearly remember him saying “if you’re going to be scared, I’m not going to let you watch it”…and even at that young age I remember thinking – how could I not be scared???  Regardless of my fear, I knew that my father was there to protect me from the walking dead!

I asked my Dad recently if he had any recollection of that memory, and he said no! LOL…One of the funniest things about growing older are the memories that you have that no one else seems to remember. 

Everyone had their Michael moments, all of us can remember a time and a place when Mike made us feel something and that’s a beautiful thing.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Michael

  1. You hit it right on the head! Anytime that I think of Mike, is a moment when my parents were still together, I believe we played the Triller album cover to cover everytime we got in the car, singing along! Great times! LOL!

  2. Ok so I have to be honest…I had an Scurl in the 80’s because of Michael lol, I wasn’t brave enough for the Jerry Curl, but I did have an Scurl for all of one week, until Brenda Joyce Canty picked me up from Grand ma’s house and proceeded to drive me straight to the barber!!!!!

    P.S. Grand Ma lived in Whitakers North Carolina!!!!!!

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