A Penny Saved

The most horrible thing about loaning someone money, is the person you become when you want your money back.  Nine times out of ten, you may not even NEED the money but that’s not the point – the point is, that if you loan someone…say, a co-worker or a classmate a dollar or two, you expect that they will give it back.

(When I was proofreading the paragraph above I had to chuckle at myself upon reading the second sentence…I bet the majority of you were right with me until I said “a dollar or two”…you probably thought I was eluding to substantial monetary amounts)  

I was always taught that you should only loan money that you can afford to giveaway – I guess the moral of this story is that I don’t feel like I have ANY money to give away…especially to people that are not my immediate friends or family.  When it comes to your real friends and family I can understand not keeping tabs – mostly, in those cases, you’re in a situation in which it’s a reciprocal relationship…I look out for you, you look out for me, and it’s understood.  But for co-workers…ones that you don’t know particularly well – the same rules do not apply!  So, if I loan a co-worker a dollar, I expect my dollar back.

So last week, I’m in the office.  My co-worker needs a dollar to put in the change machine to make change for a .50 item…I notice this, and offer to loan her a dollar.  Granted, I didn’t say “I am bequeathing this dollar to you with the expectation that you will repay me at your earliest convenience,” but still – I feel that it was implied…I notice that she makes change, gets her .50 item and puts the remaining .50 in her purse.  So I thought to myself “hmm, she’ll just give me a dollar in the next week or so.” 

It’s been a week and not only have I seen no dollar, I also haven’t seen any recognition of the fact that she owes me a dollar.  Do I feel like George Costanza at the very moment – YES…but, am I sticking by my belief that if I loan a co-worker a dollar that they should pay me back – YES. 

DS Download:  The rational part of me knows that 99.99 % of the time that you loan someone a dollar, they don’t even remember that they owe it to you; BUT there’s that small, George Costanza part of me that is very sure that my co-worker knows that because of the dollar amount that they borrowed, I would never have the audacity to ask for my dollar back…almost like a challenge! 

Or perhaps I’m being 99.99% ridiculous – which is all together, quite possible.

One of these days I’m going to put on a straight face and walk up to my co-worker and ask them to borrow two dollars.  When they place the money in my hand I will explain that not only will I not be paying them back, but that they can consider the second dollar interest on the dollar that I loaned them!  Just one little way I can stick it to “da” man…which, due to the most recent election means that I would be stickin it to myself :-).

Have a great weekend!


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