The Audacity of Entitlement

One of my biggest pet peeves is expressed entitlement.  Sometimes it’s a pervasive feeling you get in a place or sometimes – as I experienced this weekend – it’s a person attempting to cash-in their entitlement chips at your expense.  This weekend I had to put my foot down….

So, I’m in Safeway with my Uncle on the 4th of July patiently waiting in the self checkout line with my one item in hand.  My only obstacle to the checkout terminal was the nice woman with her child standing in front of me.  As the woman in front of me stepped up to the next available terminal I inched up to take my rightful place, and then, out of nowhere I see a woman with a huge cart attempting to inch in front of me with her cart in tow…before I even realized it my left hand went up to physically stop her from the brody that she was attempting.  I believe my exact words were “there’s a line here, what are you doing?”

DS Download:  The crazy thing is that the woman seemed shocked.  Shocked that I had the audacity to physically put my arm out and run a pass interference on her attempt to step right in front of me – I was having NONE of it.  As she inched back into place and I went forward to the check out terminal I actually noticed the woman glaring at me, and speaking under her breath and I was shocked.  I asked her if she was okay and inquired as to whether she had something she would like to say – to which she replied with a rude “no”…but, what did the woman think would happen?  Did she actually imagine that reckless act would go unnoticed?

I hope the woman that I encountered learned a valuable lesson – the lesson being that if you’re going to be bold enough to attempt a brazen move like stepping in front of someone in the supermarket, don’t be surprised if someone is bold enough to shut you down. 

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2 thoughts on “The Audacity of Entitlement

  1. Way to stand up for yourself! You probably gave her some pause the next time she thought she could pull a stunt like that. Who knows, you might’ve even done the community a public service. Now, I know I’m not your Dad, but a word of caution. BE VERY CAREFUL about asking someone if they have “SOMETHING TO SAY”. You’d achieved your objective in checking her rude behavior when you spoke up and held your ground. Your point had been made, and her facial expression was confirmation that she got the point. Chucking the extra note in during a situation like that could easily escalate into something far more contentious than a dispute over who was first in a grocery store checkout line. You never know what someone, who just quit taking their meds, might be going through when an incident like this could be just the straw to break the camel’s back, pushing them over the bipolar edge. And as sick as I’m sure your left hook is, Christina, you’re still entirely too cute to be chunkin’ em’ in Safeway…no matter how hilarious it might be 😉

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