Giving Credit Where It’s Due

I have to take time to discuss my newfound respect for the athletic abilities of professional dancers.  This weekend I attended my girlfriend’s bachelerotte party and we got quite the lesson in professional dancing, it was definitely a work out! 

I should have known something was up when the invite told me to bring comfortable but sexy clothes to work out in.  I packed my gray under armour pants and a green tank top, I was ready for whatever work out that I was confronted with – or so I thought. 

Upon arrival at the dance studio I noticed that the storefront was normal enough, it touted ballroom lessons, and work out sessions, but when I walked in I immediately noticed a divided ballroom – 13 floor-to-ceiling poles on one side, and plenty of ballroom space on the other!  I got the feeling we wouldn’t be using much of the ballroom space.

The bubbly instructor greeted us with a huge smile as she began to shout out the house rules with the meticulousness of a drill sergeant.  I loosely paid attention to what she was saying – I was immediately fascinated by the floor to ceiling poles.  They evoked dueling images of Firemen, and Demi Moore in Striptease. 

As I was looking at the poles, I thought, this will be fun – kind of like, playtime…I walked toward the pole to give it a test drive…but like a quarterback cut down by the opposing teams linebacker the instructor immediately hemmed me up and said that we had to warm up first!  She was not playing…i stepped away from the pole.  

I immediately got the impression that this wouldn’t just be about fun and play, we were about to get a work out. 

Surely enough, the hard work began;  the instructor took us through squats, lunges, bends, side stretches, rotator cuff rolls, leg lifts – when were we going to get to the twirling around the pole part???  And then finally it came, she taught us how to do the fireman’s twirl.  While not a natural, I was able to get a couple of spins around the poll…I hope this isn’t evoking any images of yours truly as a sexy little thing.  Let’s just say that by the end of the class I felt like I needed a bandage on my right ankle, and some icy hot for my right rotator cuff!  As of this morning my back is killing me and it’s hard to lift my hands over my head – yipes! 

DS Download:  While in that class I gained such a respect for professional dancers from a performance and an athletic standpoint.  I just couldn’t hang, physically, with some of the stuff our instructor was teaching us…her instructions on climbing the pole evoked memories of me not being able to do a pull up in grade school;  the movement she showed us in which you lay on the floor (stomach to ground) and make a wave movement with your body reminded me that I’ve never been able to do a real push up; and, I definitely needed some knee guards for the sexy crawl she was trying to teach us – ouch!

I am certain that mastering the skill of maintaining sexiness while simultaneously executing athletic moves on pole is an art…and after that class, I’m sure it’s better left to the professionals.  But, every now and then, when you’re with good girlfriends it’s nice to take a couple of lessons.


2 thoughts on “Giving Credit Where It’s Due

  1. Christina on a poll? No I wasn’t thinking ‘sexy thing’ at all…LOL! And a running back and a quarterback are actually on the same team, friendo 😉

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