Countdown to 30

This morning I woke up with the following thought flashing in my head:  Countdown to 30.  As I proof read this post, and read that first sentence over, and over again, I have to admit that it causes some anxiety.

It was as if Countdown to 30 was flashing in my mind like a traffic warning or a blinking neon sign.  The thought that I will be 30 in 19 days is crazy.  No doubt, it’s a blessing but it’s a change of gears.  I often say that I never pictured myself in my 30’s.  I think I imagined that I’d be in my 20’s forever…I also never imagined that college would come to an end, but surprise surprise, here I am in the real world. 

Three decades of me.  It’s as if I’m trying to introduce my twenty-something self to my thirty- something self…that’s one hell of an introduction.  So, allow myself to introduce myself (if you were an Austin Powers fan, you will understand that…perhaps, I just dated myself).  Although my two selves haven’t formally met (we’ll officially meet on June 20th ) I think there are some requests that my 20 year old self would like to make of my soon-to-be 30 year old self.  In preparation for the meeting of selves, I think it would help if the following requests were at least considered, because a Christina divided against herself cannot stand (Seinfeld reference, a la George Costanza).  

SO, here goes, perhaps one of my eight readers will be able to relate:

My 20 year old self would like to request the following…

•   The immediate halt of the graying of my hair, with a specific request that that be reserved for my 40 year old self.  My 20 year old self really feels that the current sprinkle of gray hairs on the front right side of my head is enough…seriously

•   Less severe hangovers.  My 20 year old self distinctly remembers when one night of indulgence did not require an entire weekend of recovery time.  This is a) making me look lame, and b) making me look like a 30 year old, in front of the 20 year olds that I know!

•   That under any and all circumstances I will resist the urge to tell a teenager that I remember them when they were just a little baby.  Even though it’s true, it’s just too much of a reminder that you’re 30.  At all costs, RESIST THE URGE!

•   The end of minor gym injuries…random knee pains and back aches are just cruel and ridiculous reminders that I’m aging…really, I get it.

DS Download:  The truth is that I’ve relished 29.  I could still claim that I was in my twenties…I was holding on – kind of like that pair of pants that you know you shouldn’t wear anymore or the shoes that you need to let go of.  For some reason, some things are just hard to part with.  In the next 19 days I will continue to squeeze the last bit of life out of 29.  If someone asks me how old I am in the next 19 days I will say without flinching – 29…I won’t let on that I have one foot in 29 and one foot stepping into 30.  Good Lord Willing, I will go into 30 with grace, and take everything that comes with it in stride…at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself over the next 19 days.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to 30

  1. 30 isn’t so bad, now thats saying alot coming from somone who still has two years to go…lol but all that being said, aging is a state of mind, I like to say I being seasoned. I will not consider myself old until my children start having children!!!! And being that I have none, I will still say age aint nothing but a number!!!!!

  2. I simply must respond because I have already crossed over and it really didn’t hit me until someone asked me after Feb 28 how old I was. When I was forced to say 30 it sunk in that I was no longer twenty-something and I was holding on to that label for dear life. I think it only freaks you out when you put expectations on 30. I think it’s the one age where the most expectations lie. If you approach it for what it is, just another year of your wonderful life, it’ll be a smooth transition. Love ya… Party for me too.. I still have yet to properly celebrate 🙂

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