The Trouble with Some DJ’s

This weekend I had an encounter with a DJ that border lined on the absurd.  Nine times out of ten you’ve experienced this encounter as well.  You know how this goes…you approach a DJ politely requesting a song, he/she looks at you with a contemptuous glare, as if requesting said song was an infringement on their artistic freedom.

**Before I go any further I want to make it clear that I’m not knocking DJ’s or meaning to belittle them in any way.  I understand that although anyone can buy the equipment to be a DJ it takes TRUE TALENT to assess a crowd and compose a soundtrack that will make the party be an unforgettable one.  No doubt, a DJ has the power to make or break a party.**

But, I’m not sure when DJ’s (or people in general, for that matter) began taking themselves so seriously.

DS Download:  I think DJ’s should be reminded from time-to-time that they are in the business of customer service.  Can I understand a DJ feeling creatively stifled by request after request? – Yes; Can I understand a DJ not playing a club-banger because of his disdain for a song? – No…and that’s exactly what happened this weekend.

To set the scene, I was at a lounge celebrating my girl’s 30th birthday, the party started around 10:30.  At 11:30 a member of the party requested Soldier Boy’s Swag On…around 12:30 it was requested again…at 1:30 when I heard the birthday girl remark that her song still hadn’t been played (club was closing at 2), I walked over to the DJ and politely requested that he play the song – my request was answered in the following way by the cocky skinny jean wearing DJ:  “THAT SONG SUCKS.” 

If you’ve met me, you can imagine where things went from there. 

This was NOT a situation in which the DJ had been bombarded with request after request from the audience.  I know this because we were on the upper level with the DJ, in an area where people were not able to walk up and request songs.  It was just my girlfriend’s party and the DJ; A party that my girlfriend and her husband paid handsomely for in the midst of the toughest economy since the great depression.  So while I can understand that the DJ has his own opinion about certain songs, I have no tolerance for a DJ being rude or disrespectful to paying customers.

In the end, the cocky skinny jean wearing DJ who went as far as stopping the music, and telling us that he was from “the street” and that he would see us outside after the club – was put in his place by the manager of the establishment…approximately 10 minutes after the DJ called himself coming out of a bag on me he had to eat humble pie and play the song that was requested. 

We’ve all had to eat humble pie, but my hope is that this young, skinny jean, high top adidas wearing DJ with thick black rimmed glasses and styled hair got one of his first lessons in customer service.  Granted, I didn’t know what “street” the DJ was from, but I’m pretty sure that by the end of the night, he was put on FRONT street by a group from the suburbs.


3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Some DJ’s

  1. Ain’t no reason for his behavior. If he wanted to play songs that HE and ONLY he liked, he should host some shyt at his crib. Otherwise Skippy, be the crowd-pleaser you’re paid to be, mmkay?!?!

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