Oh Shrimp & Grits, How Much do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways…

At present, I am extremely grateful that my appetite, and lust for an amazing meal is not an indicator of my size….if it were, I would be in TROUBLE today…and why, do you ask, would I be in trouble?  Because I woke up this morning with shrimp and grits on my mind – and 6 hours later, I am counting down to tonight’s meal.   

Not only did I wake up with shrimp and grits on my mind, I have meticulously planned today’s meals around the feast I plan on having tonight.  I skipped breakfast (I know, I know, this is a huge no-no), and had an avocado and some wheat thins around 11:30.  Now I’m sitting at my desk, locked in some sort of staring match with this apple – the snack that I told myself I should have if I plan on eating a plate of shrimp and grits with andouille sausage, shallots, and creamy stone ground grits!!! (Crème Café, U St.)

It’s amazing how delightful a good meal with good friends is.  How I am going to reconcile my love of a good meal, with my eventual (IMPENDING) need to watch what I eat is going to be maddening.  It’s going to take self control that I am going to have to borrow from someone. 

DS Download:  As of late, I’ve found that self control, in the form of dieting, is something to behold.  I wish I had the kind of determination you see in people that are sticking to their diet – it shows character and control.

On Monday I was having a conversation with a woman in my building about a new liquid diet that she was on…the minute she said “liquid” I kind of tuned out BUT, I think I recall her saying that she had to drink only liquids for 30 days.  <insert moment of silence and dismay here>.  When I saw her on Wednesday she said that while at work on Tuesday she almost passed out, so she got home and allowed herself to eat something.  Thank goodness.

On Wednesday evening I was having dinner with friends, when one woman mentioned that she was thinking of trying the hard boiled egg diet…I immediately thought to myself “great, she’ll lose weight but have high cholesterol”….Sweet.

I understand that at some point I am going to have to take a long hard look at my eating habits and make some major changes about what I choose to indulge in, but for now, I’ll have a glass of red wine, a caesar salad to start, and the shrimp and grits please.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy a lovely meal this weekend with even lovelier company!


2 thoughts on “Oh Shrimp & Grits, How Much do I Love Thee?

  1. Actually, all you really probably need to do is just get a decent amount of exercise — mostly cardiovascular — and make sure you get plenty of water and pure or natural fluid in your system. Exercise is just a given. You heart needs it to remind your organs how important they are to you with by keeping blood pumping throughout your body at healthy rate and pace. Water is just the all natural cleanser that your body uses to irrigate itself with. I’m not a physician, but from what I understand, many of the agents that your body may intake from less than healthy foods can be flushed out with enough healthy fluids, like water and natural juice.

    I can absolutely understand fasting a bit to leave plenty of room in your belly to indulge a devilish meal…BUT I seriously doubt an afternoon apple would’ve done much to compromise your meal…even with a tiny woman’s tummy like yours could’ve handled that…LOL!

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