DC Bashing

As of late, my biggest pet peeve has become DC bashing – this is the tendency that many have to relegate Washington DC to some uninspiring town with little more to offer than politics and law firms.  I’ve heard it all about Washington DC; that people aren’t friendly, that people have no sense of style, that creatives can’t flourish here, that people here “just don’t get it”… and I’ve had enough of all of that talk.

I most certainly understand out growing a city, and feeling the need to move on – I’ve done it – but for a person to malign an entire city just because it did not give them what they needed speaks volumes of that person. 

Of course, there are some things that certain cities are known for; you wouldn’t come to Washington DC to start your film career, just as you wouldn’t go to LA to be at the epicenter of the political world, but just because a city is known for something, that doesn’t mean that the city is that thing to everybody…if a person gets caught up in the hype of a city, then that’s on them.

DS Download:  In any city, we get to be who we want to be and although there may be an overall culture to a particular city, that culture does not have to define us.  We can seek our own inspiration and march to the beat of our own drum…and when we tire of the music, we can appreciate the city for what it had to offer and move on to the next city…for now, I’ll stick with Washington DC, and for all of the people who aren’t inspired by this city I will express my feelings about the beauty of Washington DC via the following pictures….  


DuPont Circle


Ruby Slippers on Embassy Row


The Wharf


A beautiful day on the pier at the wharf


The Kennedy Center

2 thoughts on “DC Bashing

  1. I love this city, if people want to hate I say move!!! No one is asking you to stay here buddy. I love the way this city blends 18th century architecture with 21st century green buildings. You dont find that in to many cities in this country. So in the words of JJ of Good times…”Dont Hate, Appreciate”…lol

  2. I’ve had the opportunity visit the capital on a handful of occassions. I can’t remember a single visit that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself, and I wasn’t always a tourist, either. Being born & raised in LA, I had the opportunity to grow up in one of the great cities of our time. I can relate a great deal to your frustration with a city being defined by a single impression crafted by visitors or the media. The media has effectively painted Los Angeles as nothing more than Hollywood. To the outside world, LA is a place where movies are made; music careers are launched; attractive and aspiring women come to begin modelling careers; the Lakers play; and stars shop on Melrose. Unfortunately, the dang Valley is the porn capital of the world…not that I would know anything about that!

    Some even associate Disney Land with LA. Disney Land isn’t even in LA…it’s in Orange County!

    The point is that you would think LA truly has nothing more to offer than entertainment. That appraisal of the town couldn’t be further from the truth.

    A small correction. Los Angeles is actually known, a great deal, for politics…and not just because of the fundraisers held and attended by Hollywood eleite, either. California carries a womping 54 electoral college votes in the prsidential election. With LA being the second largest city in the countrybehind on NYC, there is a great deal of opportunity in politics, as well as business. Los Angeles is also home to two of the great universities of the world in USC and UCLA, not to mention some other great institutions like Loyola Marymount and Occidental, where Obama began his undergraduate studies. Then there are our cultural exhibits, like the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Museum of Tolerance.

    The point is that you’re right, it isn’t right obtusely proclaim a city’s opportunity or value to a singular industry or theme. DC is an awesome town! Personally, I don’t know how anyone could ever tire of DC, not with the Smithsonian, there anyway.

    And you’re not the only who’s been speaking up for DC, lately. CBS News icon Bob Schieffer slammed retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter for his “attitude” and the many statements he’s made about the town too.

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