My Thoughts on Mothers

In an ideal world, all moms would teach their children to be beautiful people.  Not the type of beauty found in the pages of fashion magazines, but the kind of beauty that radiates from within; beauty that allows a person to rejoice in others success and identify with others pain.

Ideally, all moms would be there to catch their children when they fall, to show them that in spite of hard circumstances, there will be better times. 

Mothers are our rocks, they hold the power to build us up in preparation for journeying throughout life, and they make a decision to be fearless.  Of course, I am not proposing that mothers do not get scared, and worry for their children – but from what I’ve observed, they make conscious decisions to work through their fears and anxieties…and if they are afraid of something, their instinct to protect their child is a formidable match for any force that forms against them.

I spent mother’s day with a woman that fits the descriptions above perfectly.  She is my rock in hard times, she helps me to be fearless, and she is constantly teaching me to fish – with the hopes that when I am navigating this landscape on my own, I will know how to nourish myself.

DS Download:  My observation is that making a decision to be a mother, is just that, a conscious decision to love a child and prepare them to make their mark on this world – whatever that mark may be; and that decision is something totally different from giving birth to a child. 

The ability to give birth is inherent in the female species, but the act of actually being a mother requires a woman to do much more than give birth, it requires them to be fearless and give selflessly to a child.  Because of this, any woman with the ability, and the desire to summons the necessary strength can be a mother, and that is a beautiful thing about life. 

From a woman’s point of view, our mothers not only give us strength, they give us our role models…women that teach us to be women – Grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunts, Great Aunts – they give us our village, and for that I thank God for mothers; My mother, my friend.


One thought on “My Thoughts on Mothers

  1. I lost my own mother about 15 months ago, as you know. In the weeks after she passed several people asked me if they could do anything to help ease the difficulty and pain. Mother’s Day was more diffucult last year than this year, but since I think about her as much as I do, every day feels like Mother’s Day in one way or another. I told everyone I could think of to just give their mom a big hug the time they saw them, and tell them they love them.

    The Fifth Commandment of the Bible calls on us to honor our father and mother. Your mom is truly Blessed to have a daughter like you share something like this about her ; ) When your time to bear children comes, I have no doubt you’ll bath in the same love from them that you shower your own mother with here ; )

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